Douglas Downs And Wardle Summary

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In the 2007 Douglas Downs and Wardle article, "Teaching about Writing, Righting Misconceptions, the focus is on the topic of how to operate a successful first year college writing class. Douglas Downs and Wardle discuss a change to the way in with first-year writing instruction had been taught. The change purposed was based on the results of a test course they developed. The goal of the course was to encourage more realistic conceptions of writing.
Douglas Downs and Wardle focus on the concept of Writing about Writing (WAW). Writing about Writing (WAW), is a method of teaching composition which puts focus on reading and writing about writing in the writing course, and reimagines first-year composition as an "introduction to writing studies."
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Without adding these goals the reader would have no context for any future points made by the author. The author also makes sure to use great detail when describing each goal to ensure clarity of what each goal aims to accomplish. The author after establishing the goals of the class use two case studies of very different students to support their claims that these goals are the correct way to handle the class. The first case study uses a student named Jack, and Jack is an example of a student whom struggles with writing and goes into the course with little confidence in his own ability to write. The course's goal for a student like him is not to critique him on his formatting, but to help him develop a flow of writing, and make sure that he is making moves to inform the reader.
The other case study focused on a student named Stephine. She was considered a confident writer and expert reader. Stephine, however, was still able to be challenged by this course. Despite the fact that she. was a good reader, Stephanie had not previously had much experience with researching. In the example of Stephanie, the course helped a student improve their
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A few of the main points addressed are things such as that the course is considered challenging and very different from high school courses, few resources exist for the course, or unengaged students have a higher risk of failing. The first critique given can be considered the most important as a class that is considered to difficult could dissuade students from taking the class if not required, and can also harm the students confidence entering such a course. The second critique can only be mended with time and more experience, as a new class is impossible to have a wealth of information anyways. The last point can be difficult for students who struggle to enjoy reading or writing as not every student is going to enjoy the subject, some students will be more likely to fail at the start of the

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