Writing Conference Reflection

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According to Boyles (2004), “teachers talk with students to monitor their progress as well as to set goals and help them solve problems” (p.75). Teachers should conduct writing conferences in order to assess and evaluate the writing progress of their students. The purpose of writing conferences is finding the strengths and weaknesses of their writing to improve and develop the skills the student already has. Depending on the students writing the teacher facilitates interventions to improve the students writing skills. Teachers should frequently plan writing conferences to check-in on their students and the progress they have made. During the writing conferences teachers “tend to assume the customary role of “primary-knower” and interact with …show more content…
Students build their writing repertoire as they explore and discuss their writing skills and process. By using writing conferences, students are given the opportunity to be directly involved in their education. They are able to express their ideas, goals, and strengths on a more personal level with the teacher. They must go beyond the surface of their writing and really think about the writing process. In my observations, it is rare to see personal conferences between the students and teacher. I want my students to be critical thinkers and self-efficient. I think it is important for students to have personal time in class with me to discuss their ideas. Through my research I have found the importance of focused conversation between the teacher and students. According to Bayraktar (2012), “students did not do well in conferences where teachers: confused quality with quantity and focused too much on grammatical concerns, took control and kept power, pointed out and solved all problems, weren’t patient, and asked unrelated or too many questions” (p.710). During writing conferences, the ideas, responses, and solutions of students should be welcomed in order for them to be motivated to improve their writing skills. I want my students to feel like they can express their ideas and solutions freely all while being involved in their

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