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  • Two Types Of Disbarment And Violations In Court

    According to the textbook Ethics and Professional Responsibility for Paralegals, we are able to determine and conclude how and when these two sanctions are imposed. The textbook states that ‘disbarment’ is “only imposed for the most egregious violations or when there is a long-term pattern of serious unethical conduct”, while ‘suspension’ is when the attorney is “derived of the right to practice law for a specified period of time”. As has been noted, two of the attorneys (Jaskot and Adoff) have been disbarred and the other two (Greenman and Gahwyler) have been under suspension. All four attorneys were held in the Bergen County Jail, each one of them facing different charges. On one hand, Jaskot was charged with one count of misapplication of entrusted property and one count of theft by deception, while Adoff was charged with one count of misapplication of entrusted property. On the other hand, Greenman was charged with theft by failure…

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  • New York Penal Law: Case Study

    QUESTIONS PRESENTED 1. Under New York Penal Law, false statements or failure to disclose material facts may result in denial of an application to the bar. William Gould admits to withholding information on his application for admission to the New York State Bar, and has no intention of remedying these omissions. Given that Mr. Gould has left important information from his bar application, is he likely to be admitted to practice law in the state of New York? 2. Mr. Gould has divulged…

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  • Lance Mason Case

    In the case of Ohio State Bar Association v. Lance T. Mason, it is argued that Lance Mason should not be disbarred due to a felony conviction for assault. In the case, Lance Mason physically assaulted his wife while driving down the highway while his two children were in the vehicle. Mason was convicted of the offense and served time in prison. Hearings were concluded and it was recommended that Mason be disbarred for his felony conviction. His counsel is arguing that instead of disbarment, Mr.…

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  • The Distinction Between Ethics And Morality

    These regulations are passed down by the US State Department (ITAR) and the US Commerce Department (EAR) and violation of these regulations can lead to extensive fines (in 2010, BAE was ordered to pay over $400 million dollars to the US State Department for ITAR violations) (BAE), jail time (a retired University of Tennessee professor was sentenced to 5 years in prison for violating the EAR) (Retired) and disbarment—which the US State Department and/or the US Commerce Department will prevent…

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  • Ethical Issues In Business Contracts Essay

    When considering the many facets of a business contract one must have an awareness of the possible ethical issues that may arise. Ethically speaking business contracts are only effective within the context that assumes most parties will adhere to and satisfy their contractual responsibilities. Bidding, negotiating, obtaining and fulfilling contracts in an ethical manner is the foundation for a successful business. Participating in unethical practices could have legal ramifications with a final…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Trident

    Britain off the world stage. However is this the case? Possessing nuclear weapons is an out-dated symbol of virility. Countries such as Canada, Germany and Australia see no need for nuclear weapons and their global influence is possibly even greater than Britain’s. The removal of our nuclear weapons may even elevate Britain’s place on the world stage by sending a clear message that spending money on the bettering of humanity and making the world a safer place should be every governments…

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  • Sexuality In America

    bonds. After the war, the government began to attack homosexuals and their culture because of their new enemies: the communists. Communism "replaced German Nazism as an immediate and major threat to the countries safety" because it had "success in Europe and Asia," which put "fears of internal subversion" into the government (40). As a result, they wanted to "expose the disloyal to bolster the countries security" (40). They set up the House Un-American activities Committee, which "conducted…

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  • The Importance Of Government In Harold Johnson's Novel

    [you] must participate in the very system that oppresses [it]" (lkfajd). Society creates “an illusion of complexity for their personal gratification and benefit” (dfjk) and correspondingly claims there is a health care crisis or a shortage of money. He has convinced me that the problem, unlike what society claims, isn’t a shortage of resources, money or trained individuals, “the problem is a shortage of generosity. The problem is greed” (kjf). Teaching each individual to look out for themselves,…

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  • Tony Kushner's Angels In America

    her actions, unlike other ghosts, she is independent and has a freedom to do what she wants same as humans. For an instance, when she calls for an ambulance for Roy, Kushner breaks the traditional type of ghosts by letting her use objects and talk to another human being. The use of Ethel’s ghost is not only to perceive the meaning of magical realism, but it also shows how it affects the life of Roy. Ethel as a supernatural entity that represents the idea of an afterlife gives Roy a perspective…

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  • Realism, Liberalism And Constructivism

    International Relations. Liberalism is the school of thought based on the idea that international organizations, international economic cooperation, interdependence, and democracy allows states to avoid power politics and establish lasting peace (Shiraev and Zubok.81). Liberalists do not believe that one country’s loss is another country’s loss. Liberalists put emphasis on international economic cooperation, as well as interdependence in order to have a functioning international system.…

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