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  • Analysis Of Tokyo Ghoul: Unravel My Soul

    Tokyo Ghoul: Unravel My Soul Chapter One: In Every Nothing Lights from the stage flashed throughout the bar, blinding the crowd as they screamed and danced. Lights in purple, blue, red and yellow circled around them and upon the walls of the massive dance floor. There was a bar to the left, lit by black lights. On the right stood a metal clad staircase that led to an area where people could sit and enjoy their drinks. The singer was a young girl, with a short build. Her voice was rough, and easily mistakable for that of a teenage boy. Two guitarists stood to the left her, the drummer sat behind her, two violinists stood to the right as her voice echoed from the speakers in the hall. Just once more… Just one more time… I’d like to know…

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  • Factual Summary: Jimmy's Poor-Man Inc.

    At the time Coleman blew the fireball that killed Jimmy and severely damaged Jimmy’s bar, he was meeting with a client on company time. However, the doctrine of frolic and detour relieves the principal of liability if “an agent does something during the course of his/her employment to further his/her own interests rather than the principals” (Cheeseman 2010 p.475). When Coleman stole the ring, it was for his own personal interest which relieves the company of their…

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  • Free Narrative Essays: Lexy's In With The New

    In With the New I was trying to find something on the menu the menu that I can eat. I got the so called “Vegetarian Platter”.It involved the weirdest food I’ve ever eaten. I was extremely disappointed with what I got. I had a Burrito topped with mexican cheese stuffed with steamed broccoli and carrots, which had to be the most unappetizing dish I ever had. The carrots and broccoli weren’t seasoned and there weren’t any beans for protein.They made the assumption that most people make…

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  • What Is Duty-Based Ethics In Criminal Law

    making decisions in the interest of their clients. They are expected to act ethically, holding themselves accountable. Mason can decide to pay the bribe to the judge to ensure his win, or decline the offer and lose his case. If Mr. Mason is to truly act ethically in this position Mason will decline to pay the bribe accepting the loss. Ethics, defined as being moral principles and values applied to social behavior, are formed around the general understanding of right or wrong and how actions are…

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  • My Life In The Glass Castle By Jeanette Walls

    I asked my brother about it and he said she has always drank like that, but I was too young to realize. My brother and I had grown really close in the past few years, but when I was younger he wanted nothing to do with me. My mom had to send him off to live with his dad, because his friends were arrested for robbery and she didn’t want him to do that. It was just my mom and I living in the house, and she wasn’t ever in the house too much either. She would go to work, then she would go straight…

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  • The Owls In The Restaurant Industry

    One that has come a long way and its here now. The name of my restaurant is OWLS. Now what makes me call my place owls is because who doesn’t love the owl and who doesn’t love the who. It’s a mix of a wing joint and a casual restaurant all wrapped in one. The type of operation that owls is a casual restaurant. It also has a bar that allows people to come and relax and have a drink. The location that owls is place is Denver on 16th street. The reason I chose Denver Is because it a hot city that…

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  • Descriptive Essay Of A Homeless Person

    The old man sits on the porch. Maryland summers are classified somewhere under humid subtropical and humid continental but all the man feels is the accumulation of perspiration around his temples. The man in the neighboring balcony smokes. He had moved in a few weeks ago, and that’s all anyone seems to know about him. On some days, he is a rather cynical character of piercing stares, loud sneers, and cigarette smoke sputtering out of his mouth when he scoffs. On others, he’s the elegant,…

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  • Why Is Holden Caulfield Affect His Character

    In The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, the main character, Holden Caulfield, has many issues. He likes to push his problems onto others, judge them with his internal thought, and isn’t willing to work on any of his personal issues. Holden Caulfield doesn’t take responsibility for his actions and tends to blame society for his problems. Whenever Holden has a bad experience, he’s very quick to blame society and other people around him. For example, Holden blames the general population…

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  • Are You Coming With Me?: A Short Story

    truly know where they are without some guidance”, sliding over to the stool next to hers. “So you come here often then?” “Yes, perhaps more often than I would like. It can be more of a chore than a pleasure at times,” “Do you work here or something?” He smiled, taking a moment to consider his answer. “I suppose you could very well interpret my charge here in that manner.” He spoke with a strangely formal parlance that for many he met, warranted some suspicion, though it did not tarnish him in…

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  • Rhapsody At Chimbiya Analysis

    Rhapsody at Chimbiya (Drama) Breaks squeaked and the engine boomed announcing its arrival at Chimbiya bar. Suspicious four faces alighted from the machine without number plates and entered the bar. “Barman, give us four beers,” one of the four men with a scar above his right eye and slightly shorter shouted. Make sure the beers are cold added another of the group After an hour, the bar was full of patrons. Call me, Bonzo; the man with the scar told the bartender. And that man with a…

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