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  • Children Literature Research Paper

    In this book, at the conclusion of the Mark of Athena, Percy and Annabeth fall into a pit leading directly to the underworld. Putting aside their grief, the other demigods follow Percy’s instructions to find the mortal face of the doors of death. Percy and Annabeth can survive the House of Hades if they can fight their way past the Gaea’s forces. When that happens the seven will be able to close and seal the doors from both ends and prevent the giants from raising Gaea. However, Leo is worried, and wonders, with the doors closed and sealed, how will Annabeth and Percy be able to escape? But there is no choice. Should the demigods fail the Gaea’s armies will never die. And time is short, in about a month; the Romans will invade Camp Half Blood. With the stakes so high in this adventure that dives deep into the Tartarus, you will find yourself gripping your…

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  • An Analysis Of Symbolism In The Ballad Of Birmingham

    the poem to the historical account of Claude Sitton, “Birmingham Bomb Kills 4 Negro girls in Church; Riots Flare; 2 Boys Slain” in the New York Times. The poem, “The Ballad of Birmingham”, written by Dudley Randall, changes events, details of the girls killed, information of their mothers, and the voice’s point of view to elicit empathy, involve the reader emotionally, and demonstrate symbolism to personalize the event. Randall changes the reason of why the daughter goes to church on Sunday.…

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  • Homelessness Personal Statement

    One important issue that I am interested in is alleviating homelessness within New York City. During my final years as an undergraduate I was introduced to urban studies issues within the classroom context. I was educated about the criminalization of the poor, amongst various topics exploring various degrees of political philosophy addressing reasons for poverty. Given my interest in housing issues in NYC, I was interested in understanding further sub issues within the topic of Housing. These…

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  • Big Data Essay

    People are still developing a way to keep the data up to date. As Mr. Rosenbush says, “For years, companies have been using digital technology to make their operations more efficient. With the rise of big data, they can capture much more information from a wealth of new sources as it happens” this means that as the big data rises, the more useful it becomes” (5). He also mentions that the big data is very useful tool for marketing. The use of the big data makes the hiring process a lot easier…

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  • Essay On Obscenity Protection

    Obscenity is defined in Media Essentials: A Brief Introduction as a form of expression not protected by the first amendment. The reason for not protecting it is due to its inappropriate information. This information could harm or upset its audience in anyway and this must be avoided. However, where the line should be drawn is not always clear, how much protection does the first amendment give us? What is too much protection and can it go too far? This argument has occurred in two cases: The New…

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  • David Halberstam Critical Analysis

    Introduction David Halberstam was a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and a New York Times bestselling author. His works include countless newspaper and magazine articles, and more than twenty books on topics ranging from war and foreign policy to the auto industry and sports. Although he is best known for these nonfiction contributions, Halberstam started his book writing career with a novel. The times in which he wrote were wrought by controversy, and Halberstam’s writings fit the times. A…

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  • Syrian Refugee Crisis Analysis

    Current News Assignment When considering the current issues of multiculturalism in Europe, repercussions of the Syrian Refugee Crisis jump to mind, or perhaps Muslim migration to Europe in general. However, an understanding which focuses solely on Muslim migrants does an extreme disservice to the discussion of European multiculturalism as a whole and the developing definition of what it means to be European. The recent and drastic increase of Muslim migration to Europe has, however, aided in…

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  • The Importance Of The Internet In The New York Times

    The absolute beauty of the Internet is the power it has to report on new findings almost instantly. What is even more incredible, is how the Internet allows old versions of news to stay current, for example, the newspaper. The New York Times does a fine job of allowing all different types of articles to be printed, especially since their motto is, “All the News That’s Fit to Print.” The New York Times has such great diversity through the fact that the paper will print articles about Business,…

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  • David Rothkopf's Article: We Are Losing The War On Terrorism

    detail about a specific act of violence used by extremists like the attacks in New York City on September 11th, 2001, depicting the attack as a worldly problem. But, the simpler article may just explain about the idea of terrorism and the threats it may have towards the world or the resources the extremists want in order to possibly rule the world, as if a bank robber wants a ransom for the hostages he has inside the bank. As people may just be focused on the photography of the articles and the…

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  • Inna Gaisler-Salomon Inheriting Stress

    established that personal stress can affect our bodies and behavior, but what about the stress experienced by our parents or even our grandparents? It is not too much of a stretch to connect a mother’s stress during pregnancy to changes in the fetus. It makes sense that what the mother’s body goes through during pregnancy could also affect the child, however, in the New York Times article by Inna Gaisler-Salomon, “Inheriting Stress” (March 7, 2014), the author discussed her research study which…

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