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  • The Pros And Cons Of Donald Trump

    This has actually come back to haunt most of the party; because no matter how many facts outlets, like The Huffington Post, report their supports continue to ignore them. So when they talk about facts dealing with the Donald Trump they simply won’t believe it because they have been trained not to believe the news. This disbelief in facts also extends to the science. Most scientists in this country would agree that climate change exists but the modern Republican party have made it to where their supporters think that scientists are just working with liberals to ruin their lives. Republican pundit Newt Gingrich even once stated that “liberals and progressives may use facts but he uses how people feel instead.” They have created a situation where they create fear to make supporters vote based on their feelings instead of researching the facts and making an educated decision. We see even today a candidate like Trump gaining support even when his blatant racism, misogyny, and bigotry is called out by others. We see that even when facts are brought to Trump supporters that they tend to believe more in the misperception of the facts than people who never saw the truth in the first place. This is known as the “backfire effect” and could cause candidates even more damaging to Democracy than Trump getting into office in the…

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  • Newt Gingrich Let's End Adolescence

    Newt Gingrich in “Let’s End Adolescence” refers to a study which found that “19% of eighth graders, 36% of tenth graders, and 47% of twelfth graders” admit to using…

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  • Vote Vs Popular Vote

    besides Rhode Island and New York, eight other states have already signed the National Popular Voting bill including: Vermont, Maryland, Washington, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, California, and Hawaii. With Washington D.C. approving the bill as well, the National Popular Vote bill now controls 165 electoral votes, and is already 61% to completion. Likewise, highly respected politician Newt Gingrich came out endorsing the National Popular Vote bill last year with a hand-written letter.…

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  • Let's End Adolescence Analysis

    The general argument made by Newt Gingrich in the article “Let’s End Adolescence” is that we, as a society, need to get rid of the period we refer to adolescence because it is causing us to fall behind other nations and our teenagers to become lazy. According to Gingrich, “once we decide to engage young people in real life, doing real work, earning real money and thereby acquiring real responsibility, we can transform being young in America. And our nation will become more competitive in the…

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  • Adopting A Monster Analysis

    exacerbate the controversies surrounding the events further and lead to the intended response from the morally concerned, anxiety-ridden public. The moral panic that began in New York during the AIDs crisis of the 1980s and 90s acts as a prime example of the process that creates a metaphorical monster. The demonisation of a minority group, homosexual men, resulted in the supposedly necessary suspension of human rights through legal pathways. The AIDs epidemic of New York City soon became a…

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  • Annotated Bibliography: What's Wrong With Equal Rights For Women

    equality. Chapter 7: William Galston and Elaine Ciulla Kamarck, The Poliics of Evasion: Democrats and the Presidency (1989), and Newt Gingrich, Dick Armey, and the House Republicans, “Contract with America” (1994) The election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 kick started a new type of conservativism that played off of some of Barry Goldwater’s ideals. This included a muscular foreign policy, economic libertarianism, moral conservatism, and law-and-order. This came after the President Carter…

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  • Conspiracy Theory: Lizard People Running The World

    Jacob Bennett Mr. Musick November 9, 2017 Lizard People Running the World How lizard people or Reptilians are running the world. A conspiracy theory is a belief that some influential organization or group of beings is responsible for an event or circumstance. Theorists all over the world come up with other reasons or explanations as to why an event happened or what is going to happen. Believing in conspiracies is a technique that average or below average people use to reign or gain a sense of…

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  • Oxycontin Case Analysis

    Gore’s son was even reportedly suspended from school for smoking what appeared to be marijuana. It was reported internationally, but hardly anyone in the U.S. media mentioned it. Even Donna Shalala, arguably the most liberal member of Clinton’s cabinet and a former marijuana smoker, fell in line with the drug policy status quo. As the Secretary of Health and Human Services, she launched an aggressive campaign against legalizing marijuana, including an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal. She…

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  • Personal Narrative Of Being A Pre-College Athlete

    I previously set in my younger years. I began to train in the off-season to insure that I would become a better runner overall. Goal-setting and realizing I need to put more work in led to my persistency. Furthermore, this was the age I started to flourish and everything I planned continued to come together. I had a great coach showing me the ropes and without myself pushing towards my goals: I would of have gave up. Too many people in the world give up way too easy. In one form or another this…

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  • Auditory Process Disorder Analysis

    entire world and focusing on the music rippling through your body. A sensation no words can describe. At dance I was not that girl who had APD, I did not have to leave the room to go to resource, and did not have to get treated differently. In fact, I was standing out in a positive way. Dance made me overcome the barrier of being insecure and having a low self-esteem. It pushed me at school to take what I was giving and find ways to make it work so that I could achieve my goals. In order to do…

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