The Pros And Cons Of Donald Trump

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Most people are very aware of the fact that this presidential election has brought with it many surprises. We had a Jewish socialist democrat almost beat one of the most powerful Democrats in the country and a former reality star win the Republican nomination. Even the most casual follower of politics knows that Trump and the Republican party have said many controversial things in this election cycle. We have seen minorities, women, religious groups, people with disabilities, newspapers, scientists, and politicians on both sides of the aisle be viscously attacked for something as small as a joke. Most people see this race as a spectacle and, now that Trump is dramatically dropping in the polls, that Trump won’t be able to do any harm to the …show more content…
This has actually come back to haunt most of the party; because no matter how many facts outlets, like The Huffington Post, report their supports continue to ignore them. So when they talk about facts dealing with the Donald Trump they simply won’t believe it because they have been trained not to believe the news. This disbelief in facts also extends to the science. Most scientists in this country would agree that climate change exists but the modern Republican party have made it to where their supporters think that scientists are just working with liberals to ruin their lives. Republican pundit Newt Gingrich even once stated that “liberals and progressives may use facts but he uses how people feel instead.” They have created a situation where they create fear to make supporters vote based on their feelings instead of researching the facts and making an educated decision. We see even today a candidate like Trump gaining support even when his blatant racism, misogyny, and bigotry is called out by others. We see that even when facts are brought to Trump supporters that they tend to believe more in the misperception of the facts than people who never saw the truth in the first place. This is known as the “backfire effect” and could cause candidates even more damaging to Democracy than Trump getting into office in the …show more content…
Ever since Trump’s polling has started to drop; we have seen Trump start saying that he is “afraid that the election’s going to be rigged.” In recent surveys we have seen almost half of the entire Republican party believe that voter fraud is a major issue this election and that only 11 percent of Trump supporters thought that the votes will be counted accurately. Trump is creating a situation in which our entire system of elections is being called into question. He is doing this because he ego is so huge he doesn’t want people to think he actually lost the election. This creates a situation in which a decent portion of the country will believe that if Hillary Clinton is elected that she got there by rigging the system. Trump is influencing these people to distrust our Democratic system and thus is weakening it. Not only is he saying this he is supporting a bill in North Carolina that he and other Republicans claim is to stop voter fraud. In actuality it is a deliberate attack on minorities and specifically African Americans in the state since they are most likely to vote Democrat instead of Republican. Recently a federal appeals court struck down the law and gave their reason as that it was “passed with racially discriminatory intent.” The Republican party and Trump have no deliberately targeted a group of people and are trying to stop

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