Newgate Prison

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  • Walnut Street Prison Analysis

    In doing my reading and researching the situation regarding criminals and the number of individuals and the dramatic increase since 1970, I was surprised to learn to what great degrees that the jails and prisons where so overcrowded. The United States has 5% of the world population, yet houses 20% of all of the people incarcerated in the world.( aclu internet). In chapter Eleven of our text book Criminal Justice in Action; The core I learned that the Walnut street prison located in Philadelphia opening in 1790. The way that the prison was run is that you as a prisoner had to be silent and work hard. This was to rehabilitate. The method behind this was that prisoners could use all of this silent time to think about their crimes and how…

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  • Oranges And Lemons Analysis

    The line “Pokers and tongs say the bells of St. Johns,” might refer to hideous forms of torture that could have taken place in the building. Some lines refer to owing money, which refers to the debtors that were held in Newgate prison. “Pancakes and Fritters’ refer to bakers in the area, “Kettles and pans” refer to Copper Smiths, and “brickbats and tiles” means that there were builders in the area of St. Giles church. Each line in the poem has a different meaning to it, some lines are darker…

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  • The Theme Of Morality In Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders

    The Theme of Morality in Moll Flanders Daniel Defoe’s novel, The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders is a story about the life of a beautiful woman who was born in Newgate Prison. Moll was determined to rise from the lower class she was born into, therefore she used marriage several times in order to obtain financial security. In the story, she was willing to sacrifice moral principles in order to gain prosperity. Her fear of poverty led her to commit many crimes, including…

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  • Why Are Prisons Effective

    In order to fully understand if prisons are effective or not we must look into what the purpose of prisons are and how they came to be. In modern 21st century the 3 main reasons for prisons are: 1. To punish those who have been found guilty of breaking the law, 2. to rehabilitate those in prison so that they are less likely to commit crimes in the future and 3. to deter those people who consider breaking the law, from actually committing a crime. The purpose of prisons was not always the same.…

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  • The Correctional System

    Society has a set of high social norms, which are formally written, also known as laws. If one disobeys the rights of others, that individual has broken the social norms and society has the right to punish. The concept proposes that every individual freely and willingly enter an agreement to build up society, but giving up a portion of their individual freedom for the return of some protection. These types of confinements include jail, prison, rehabilitation, parole, and probation. Throughout…

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  • Solitary Confinement Research Paper

    Solitary confinement has been around for centuries. Inmates are kept inside a cell that is approximately 80 square feet, smaller than a typical horse stable for 23 hours a day. In history, there have been different solitary confinements Walnut Street Jail in Philadelphia, Newgate Prison in NYC, Auburn Prison in Western NY, Eastern State Penitentiary Philadelphia and Sing Sing (Biggs 1). Inmates are placed in these isolation units for many reasons, as punishment, protection or education. Is…

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  • Prisoners In Prison

    student proves he or she is worthy of a college education, he or she spends thousands of dollars each year to earn a degree. So is someone who is in prison because and committed illegal acts a deserving, well-rounded, and dedicated student? That person is in jail as a punishment, giving that prisoner a free college education would be giving him or her a reward that he or she does not deserve. We should never reward someone who likes to deal drugs, steal, or perform any type of crime. Prisoners…

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Elizabeth Fry Society

    will analyze and critique The Elizabeth Fry Society; in particular, its strengths and weaknesses, its success and difficulties, and its applicability. History of the Elizabeth Fry Society Elizabeth Fry was a nineteenth century Quaker who was concerned with providing confortable and humane treatment for women in prison. She was born in England in 1780 and in 1812, at the age of 32; she began volunteering at Newgate Gaol Prison in London, where she provided bible lessons, as well as clothing and…

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  • A Question Of Freedom By Dwayne Betts

    struggles of the other individuals Betts met in prison, he really opened our eyes into seeing the workings of our so called justice system. Stories are told for a variety of reasons. Perhaps…

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  • Long Term Issues In Prison

    The aging population in prison also presents a significant financial crisis. Older adults utilize the prison healthcare system more frequently than younger inmates costing taxpayers three times more than their younger counterparts. To quantify this number Pew Trusts reported that in Virginia alone, in 2013, of the 58 million dollars spent on prison health care nearly half of that was spent on older prisoners (Ollove, 2016). Long Term Issues The long-term concerns of the aging prison population…

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