Descriptive Essay - Vegetarian Platter

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In With the New I was trying to find something on the menu the menu that I can eat. I got the so called “Vegetarian Platter”.It involved the weirdest food I’ve ever eaten. I was extremely disappointed with what I got. I had a Burrito topped with mexican cheese stuffed with steamed broccoli and carrots, which had to be the most unappetizing dish I ever had. The carrots and broccoli weren’t seasoned and there weren’t any beans for protein.They made the assumption that most people make vegetarians only eat vegetables.

Me, my father, who was wearing a black blazer with a champagne long sleeve. He has dark skin with dreads a a fully grown bread. My sister Alexis, was wearing a floral blouse with her eight month pregnant stomach poking out of it. My godmother Audre who was a black long sleeve t-shirt and black jeans. My godmother’s sister and her daughter Shania, and my dad’s friend Gary who was wearing a white dress shirt and khaki pants. Gary is a 50 year old white man who is about six foot three, a little overweight, and has a balding spot. We were celebrating the new house purchased by my father. We were in mamajuana Restaurant and Bar . Mamajuana is a Mexican dive bar on 3rd Avenue in Paterson. The vibe felt good with the Mexican music playing in the background. People were yelling to communicate maybe because of the music or because they were drinking. The place had red booths and long wooden tables. The bar was in the middle of the restaurant where most of the…

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