Direct Instruction Essay

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The “Best Practices in Direct Instruction” video showed how teachers can use direct instruction to teach students. This method consists of teaching the students as a whole directly. Next, teachers check for understanding by asking questions about the material by using a cue such as a noise or pointing finger to get the students to respond back and show that they understand. This step is important to ensure that all the children have understood the concept that has been taught. The teaching is mostly done in a whole group setting, with small amounts of direct assessment such as a “checkout” to see if children are progressing when reading (Stevens, 2011).

2. What did you like and not like about the instruction shown in the video? Why?

I liked
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This can be done by consistently playing and studying video games, sports, arts, music, sewing, etc. There is little emphasis on a traditional education, so there are not classes with students, teachers and textbooks. More importance is put on finding one’s own interests, and makes the children learn about things important to them with help of staff. It seems like more of a cool summer camp than an educational program one should trust to educate their child since it mainly focuses on creative interests of children, rather than preparation to the professional workforce (Sadbury Valley Schools, …show more content…
It provides visual, sound and manipulative methods to teaching basic math, language and reading skills. This allows for students with different learning strategies to all succeed, since this is a multidisciplinary approach to learning. Arts and sports are taught to wholly develop children and allow them to pursue their interests early in life. It also teaches children responsibility and self- paced learning to target different achievement levels. Family and parents are deeply involved too, which allows learning to carry over into the home. The Montessori school gives different approaches to allow everyone and everything around a child to influence their education (Mmcsfi,

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