Direct Instruction Approach Essay

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The Direct Instruction Approach video shows instruction in action inside the classroom setting to teach words and is fast paced and fluid. The students verbally respond collectively and are individually checked occasionally by the teacher to demonstrate their knowledge. The teacher quickly corrects any mistakes and moves on with the corrections. This repetition is attributed to the success of the approach by a teacher. The video depicts a word being read at prompt of teacher, spelled out, and read again while the teacher taps out with each letter. The tapping seems to initiate timely responses and create fluidity. The class participates together effectively and without regard to negative consequence for mistakes. Visuals and guided instruction are consistent in this group learning experience. Assessments communicate the students’ skills and areas of improvement to the teacher.
What did you like and not like about the way children are learning shown in the video? I think the Direct Instruction
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The video of Italian schools depicts art studios and elaborate student creations including a bird amusement park and 3 dimensional cities done by kids as young as three years old of average intelligence. Supporters of the approach appreciate that it teaches cognitive skills and isn’t confined to common preschool skills such as social interaction. Cognitive development is a main component of the approach which uses sensory experiences like drawing and building to “wire the brain for life”. The teachers believed that, since children in this developmental stage are craving answers to the world around them, they should provide them the materials to find them. The children are deemed capable of doing the rest. Respect and trust in students desire to learn are a constant theme as the environment is utilized to maximize the capacity of children’s

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