The Benefits Of College Education

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1. What is your position based on comprehensive research and your far-reaching analysis?
I believe that a college education is a real value and is worth all the time, money and effort that it takes to obtain. Current reports show that people who have earned a Bachelors Degree earn approximately 84% more in earnings than individuals with only a High School Diploma. The financial benefits of a college degree are immense and were evident during the recent recession. A current study published in Forbes magazine tracked the employment and wages of individuals with a Bachelor 's degree and those with a HS diploma before, during and after the 2007-2009 recession. For persons with only a HS diploma, the employment rate went from 55% of persons being
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People take out loans for many things besides college, such as houses and cars, and these things will not provide the lifelong benefits that the college degree will. Let 's compare the cost of a college degree to the expense of a new car. The average college student will graduate college with a debt of approximately $29,400.00. The average price of a new car is $32,890.00. Most individuals will pay off their student loan and not acquire another one, but most people will trade in their vehicle and obtain another auto loan. A college degree will last a lifetime and has the potential to increase in value from the original price. The car will begin depreciating the moment that you drive it off of the lot and will last you maybe 8-10 years. The more you utilize the degree the more valuable it becomes quite unlike the car that the more you use it the more you have to pay to maintain it. Most of the benefits of the college degree will not be evident in the early years due to the costs of paying off the degree, but the benefits are there and are continuing to build. In young adult households, the wage earnings of those with a college degree are much higher than those without. As of 2010, the young adult college graduate will earn $42,693.00, and the young adult with only a HS diploma will make $26,429.00. Adults between the ages of 30-65 will receive a salary 88% higher than those without a degree. These people

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