Stephanie Owen And Isabel Sawhill's Article: Should Everyone Go To College?

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“College is fun as long as you don’t die” (Tsugumi Ohba). Each year millions of young adults are faced with the decision to attend higher education or go straight into the work force. These young adults are being influenced by their parents, teachers and peers on this major life decision. While they should listen to advice given to them, in the end the final decision should be made by the individual, not by someone else. Before young adults are even able to go out and experience the world they are faced with the life changing decision to go to college; many young adults will benefit from higher education, however, some young adults instead of going to college should go into the work force or trade school. There are two main stances on this topic, one being attend college, or avoid college all together, the choice depends entirely on the person. …show more content…
In Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill’s article titled “Should Everyone Go to College?” they discuss the return on investment of college and how not all college degrees can be treated equal. Owen and Sawhill convey the idea that college is a great option for many people, but college is not for everyone. College will cost the majority of young adults a significate amount of money. This cost comes from attending the college itself and opportunity cost lost by not being able to work. Studies have shown that “the gap in annual earnings between young high school graduates and bachelor’s degree holders working full time is $15,000” (Owen & Sawhill 210). Even though college may be a financial burden, the likelihood of having an increased salary will lead offset the initial cost of college and lead to an overall higher paying job then a high school

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