The Benefits Of Acollege Degree

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Salinas 5in helping them grow and mature as a person; and 55% say it was very useful in helpingthem prepare for a job career” (Pew and Social Demographic Trends). When gaining acollege diploma, people have greater probability in living happier and healthy, because theyhave more opportunities and also they are able to earn more advantages compared to theircounterparts, that only have a high school diploma. People with college experience havegreater advantages, because throughout their college, they gained personal growth andincreased their ability in interacting with others. “The main arguments in favor of earning acollege degree are based on college graduates’ larger earnings over a lifetime, lowerunemployment rates, better health, higher marriage rates and greater civic involvement”(Rose).As people graduate from college and are more likely to succeed, because theydeveloped communication skills and also increased their intellectual. “A college degree is avaluable and important means of economic and social advancement” (Value of a CollegeDegree). Due to they have greater experience in education and studying for a specific area,they have grater chances in getting a job compared to a person that decided to skip collegeand focus more for themselves. Although a numerous people do not attend college becauseinfinite reasons, such as the lack of support and also because they were undecided in whatcareer to choose. “Among adults ages 18 to 34 who are not in school and do not have abachelor’s degree, two-third say a major reason for not continuing their education is theneed to support a family” (Pew Social and Demographic Trends). …show more content…
As jobs hire new employers, they look for leaders and people with a greaterpersonal value. It is an advantage to attend college because it prepares students to be readyfor real life and also it provides a greater chance to succeed and obtain a job with highsalary rates, letting them gain a successful and superior type of

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