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  • Using The Fixed And Variable Components Of Cafeteria Cost As A Cost?

    The numbers of meals served each week over the last seven weeks, along with the total costs of operating the cafeteria are given below: week meals served 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 1,500 1,600 1,800 1,450 1,200 1,650 1,900 cafeteria costs (RM) 4,800 5,080 5,280 4,900 4,000 5,100 5,400 Assume that the relevant range includes all of the activity levels mentioned in this problem. Required: A. Use the high low method to establish the fixed and variable component of cafeteria costs. (5 marks) B. Express the fixed and variable components of cafeteria costs as a cost formula in the linear form Y= a + Bx. (3 marks) C. Using the cost formula you derived above, what cafeteria costs you would expect to be incurred at the number of meals served are 2000 and 3500. (6 marks) D. What is the major limitation of the high-low method? (6 marks) [20 marks] EAB10603_Management Accounting 1 3 CONFIDENTIAL Question 3 Genesis Wheels manufactures spoked and solid bicycle wheels. The company relies on an activity based costing system. The following information has been provided for the cost pools: cost Pool machine setup assembly / Polish inspection…

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  • Structural Variables

    Structural Variables are greatly influenced by age, gender, and race/ethnicity which all have a great impact on our self. When it comes to getting jobs, applying for healthcare, and even applying for a loan your structural variable have an impact on whether or not you’ll get approved. But I’m specifically going to focus on gender and differences in physical and mental health. For the most part, women live longer than men by an average of twelve years in 2009. Some of the main reasons for this is…

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  • Microeconomic Variables

    Microeconomic variables can be used to predict how the economy will perform, both in the short and long run. Today, businesses have to make decisions in a complex environment. They depend on microeconomic variables when making decisions, which are drawn from data to make critical choices which play a critical role in the success or failure of the business. Therefore, the currency and reliability of information used by businesses when making these decisions affect the success or fail of…

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  • Explanatory Variables

    Four types of explanatory variables are used, which are commonly used in the literature to explain health outcomes – demographic/household/socioeconomic, enabling, need, and life-style variables. Demographic, household, and socioeconomic variables capture differences in morbidity for individuals of different age, sex, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Gender is represented by a dummy variable (female = 1, male = 0). Marital status is characterized by two dummy variables (currently married = 1, 0…

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  • Variable Pay In The Workplace

    Unlike guaranteed pay, variable pay is directly dependent upon the employee’s ability to accomplish a task, meet a quota, or other variables that are dependent upon maintaining a particular level of performance or achieving a desired result. However, the employees within a variable pay system still have a set rate to which they are paid, but they have more room to earn more money. The most common forms of variable pay are seen as incentives or bonuses. Positions that apply variable pay are…

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  • Feminist Research On Equal Pay For Women

    experts doing research on women’s pay in the work. Some experts that I found are Heidi Hartmann, Ariane Hegewisch, and Jeffrey Hayes. They all are educated individuals with their Ph.D.’s so I trust that their research is thorough, good quality research. Some major news networks talk about the gender gap and there are some magazines that have articles about the gender gap between men and women, Such as New York magazine. One reference I could use for my topic could be a website called Institute…

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  • Student Wellbeing

    outcomes, and locus of control and stress. These links can affect college students’ development (Mooney, 1991; Ahlin & Antunes, 2015). This study found a significant relationship between internal LOC and stress, and stress and well-being. Researchers were not able to identify variables that mediate the relationship between locus of control and well-being. The current study determined a significant relationship between internal locus of control and well-being with stress mediating this…

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  • Guttmann Scale

    My dependent variable will be their perception of their latest relationship. To measure this, I will be using a Guttmann scale. This will enable me to incorporate both a dichotomous scale and a Likert scale. A dichotomous scale is when a question has two possible responses. A Likert scale is a type of rating scale that measures how someone feels about a certain topic containing degrees of feeling. With multiple Likert questions in a survey Cronbach’s alpha helps measure its reliability.…

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  • The Importance Of Burnout In The Workplace

    The chapter talks about predictors of teacher burnout which are job stress, how safe the environments, and peer support (Jeanne H. Ballantine, 2015). Self- efficacy had four outliers that had to be followed to prevent burnout and eventual departure of the school. The text had a study to see if job stress, safe environments and peer support had a correlation with burnout. The results showed that there was a significant effect every year on teacher burnout. Chapter 5 goes more in depth than the…

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  • Mis-790 Comprehensive Exam

    MIS 790 Comprehensive Exam Q1. To be able to build prediction models of botnet attacks, we had to decide information requirements. (a) What process did you use for identifying predictor variables for modelling botnet traffic flows? (b) What additional measures can be taken in terms of information (or data) gathering to further improve the accuracy of the prediction models? (a) I started with a literature survey and read articles to understand the problem and technical terms. To understand the…

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