Why Is Someone Important To You Essay

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A personal issue that people face is the courage to try new things. People are afraid of being ridiculed by others who have experience in a certain field. I sometimes question why others will make fun of a someone because they have the courage to try something that they are unfamiliar with. While there are some who will deride a person for having the bravery and determination to be successful in a field that they have no experience in, the majority of those who are experienced will display respect and admiration to them.
Perception varies greatly whether you are someone who is not fazed with trying new things. It takes a person with a lot of fortitude to play a new sport, try new hobby, get a new job, etc. It also depends on the amount of effort you display. If you do not give it your all, it gives others more opportunities to ridicule and make of fun of you. If you put the effort in and show that you want to be good, others will notice.
A perfect example of someone crossing an unfamiliar boundary is a man named Philip Brooks. Philip Brooks, who goes by the name of CM
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I talked to some people that I knew were playing lacrosse and told them that I was going to play. The first person that I told was my friend, Mike. Ironically, I met Mike, a kid who was my height and had very curly hair, at a basketball camp that my high school was hosting during the summer. I told him that I was a bit nervous, but he told me to not worry and that he would teach me some of the basics. I also told my other friend, Collin, a goalkeeper who was 6 feet tall, that I was going to play as well, and he gave me some insight on the game and how to play it. My other friend, Lou, an Italian kid who had the same body frame as me, offered to go passing with me so that I can get some sort familiarity with the sport. I was grateful that I at least knew some people that were going to play

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