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  • Police Torture History

    According to Ralph, Jon Burge was a police detective and later police commander in Chicago who began to work for the department in 1970. Jon Burge was a head of a group of White detectives, which called themselves the “midnight crew”. Jon Burge along with other police offices tortured at least one hundred and twenty Black males on the south and west sides of Chicago. During this era, the midnight crew tortured individuals to coerce confessions by administering shocks, using violent racial slurs, and suffocation to give examples of the harm inflicted. For a great deal of time victims of torture inflicted by the midnight, crew went unheard because they were ignored by CPD. The torture by the midnight crew caught attention from both national and international organizations. This ultimately resulted in the trial of Jon Burge and others involved in torturing suspects of crimes, and the result was a settlement for some of those who accused him of crimes. Later in 2010, Jon Burge faced criminal charges and was convicted to four years in prison. (Ralph,…

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  • Excerpts In Jon Krakauer's Into The Wild

    One can argue that Jon Krakauer includes several excerpts throughout his novel Into the Wild, because he uses quotes from real authors to demonstrate how the wild differentiates from the daily life humans’ lead. Moreover, the excerpts relate to Christopher Johnson McCandless in some sort of way. Krakauer may be including excerpts at the beginning of every chapter to introduce the topic, as well as show a deep comparison of Chris McCandless’s adventure to the excerpt(s). Krakauer makes specific…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Into The Wild

    Chris McCandless’ story can be seen in many different lights. Chris was a young man who decided to embark on the brave journey of living in the wild and surviving off the land. In doing so, he put almost every aspect of modern society behind him, including his own friends and even family. From his journals, we are able to uncover the details of his “second life”. Many see his actions as an attempt at suicide or even just those of an unprepared boy, but Jon Krakauer believes otherwise. In his…

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  • Rhetorical Appeal In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

    Into the Wild is a significant example of rhetorical appeals because of how successful Jon Krakauer wrote Chris McCandless’s adventures and relationships to catch the attention of his audience. Krakauer used many rhetorical appeals such as ethos, logos and pathos in order to get this story across to his audience. Krakauer appeals ethically to his audience by using tools to effectively make comparisons of Chris McCandless, as well as being able to show McCandless was not insane. Krakauer saw…

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  • Conclusion Of Into The Wild

    Alaska is considered by most to be the final frontier. It is a land of unforgiving cold in the winter, inspiring beauty in the summer, and life-threatening danger year-round. Chris McCandless, a twenty-two year old college graduate from an affluent family on the east coast, set out on his Alaskan Odyssey and was able to experience all three aspects of the untamed land before his untimely death. Jon Krakauer, an author by day and mountain climber by night, discovered McCandless’s story and…

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  • Chris Mccandless Character Analysis

    Chris McCandless’ actions can be seen as rebellious at first, but as time goes on, it is clear that there is hostility between his parents and himself that he does not want to face or try to fix. In a dysfunctional family, there are two extremes when it comes to the outcome of the children: the rebel or the conformist. Although the older child is typically the conformist and the younger child is the rebel, the McCandless family is a little different because both children are the rebels. Krakauer…

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  • The Dangers Of Chris Mccndless And Edward Snowden

    Every Heart Vibrates to that Iron String Society has created implicit standards and rules for communities to live by, some unfair and unjust. There are individuals amongst the communities that disagree with these unfair standards, and choose to rebel against society. While doing so, some view these individuals as remarkable men while others view them as imbeciles. These individuals are Chris McCandless and Edward Snowden. Both of these men are known for their reputation of being rebellious…

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  • Chris Mccandless's Dream Of Freedom In Into The Wild, By Jon Krakauer

    Jon Krakauer wrote Into the Wild to capture Chris McCandless’s dream of freedom in the wilderness. In his book, Krakauer tells about Chris McCandless and his life of adventure. Believing he was living a dull life, Chris wanted to go out into the word and experience what nature had to offer. Chris McCandless walked into happiness in that he liberated himself from emotionally charged human interaction; he was finally free, and he was able to experience adventure through the wild. Even though he…

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  • The Journey Of Chris Mccandless: Alex Supertramp

    Twenty-four-year-old Christopher McCandless was a strong adventurer who disappeared after graduating college to go on a backpacking trip which ended up in the Alaskan wilderness. Chris McCandless became Alex Supertramp because he wanted to explore the unexplored and discover a life without responsibility, possessions, people, money, lies, and abusive relationships. He severely wanted to prove that one’s life does not require road maps and plans but that one could be perfectly happy as a free man…

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  • Analysis Of Jon Krakauer Into The Wild And Paulo Coelho

    Jon Krakauer, the author of Into the Wild and Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist intertwine worlds of fiction and nonfiction through the personal aspects of pursuing a journey of self-discovery. Krakauer, a journalist, reports the events leading up to the death of Christopher McCandless, who embarks on a foreign path to Alaskan territory. McCandless cuts ties with his material lifestyle and relies on his newfound wits to persevere and endure the ways of the wild. Coelho depicts his…

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