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  • St Raymond Nonnatus Analysis

    The Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus Almost every Sunday during my youth was spent at church with the family. On many occasions, we were simply up the road at the local Catholic Church but the most memorable moments that I can recall are the ones spent with family at the Cathedral of St. Raymond Nonnatus. I had always wondered why it looked the way it did until my continuing education later in life. This a very structurally beautiful building and it acts the part of worship and school all together. I can never forget the smell of the incense burned by the deacons and priest prior to the ceremony. When we are children, I think we remember things more vividly and have more distinct pictures painted in out memory lobe of either haunting or…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Learning Disability

    Hi, I’m Anna and I’m a senior at Joliet West who has a lot of friends, I have good grades on my transcript- mostly all As and Bs (I got a C like two or three times, never Ds or Fs), I been on the honor roll and high honor lists, I participated in a lot of extracurricular activities at Joliet West High School- I was in Choir, Speech Team, Chess Team, Scholastic Bowl, Leo club, and Key club, and my future plans after high school involve me going to Joliet Junior College for two years where I am…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At Boot Camp

    family and I thought it through exhaustively, or so I thought. I visited several different campuses in a few different states. I had studied the extent of many different majors, I considered many backup options, and I questioned what I thought I would enjoy, love or hate. In May of 2013 I felt like I knew all the answers – that being Massachusetts Maritime Academy. I would enjoy life at sea, I could make a matchless salary, and all while visiting different ports around the world. I got the…

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  • Analysis: The Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy

    The Bucksbaum Early Entrance Academy is a program that accelerates high school students past their junior or senior year directly to college. What this really means is that the members of this culture are a bunch of children who really wanted to get out of high school. We all were a part of the gifted programs in our schools, and we all decided we were too smart for that. Apparently the University agreed, so we can all be considered at least academically ready for college. At some level, we…

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  • Academy Oath Analysis

    The Building Blocks of The Academy The Academy Oath of Christian Brothers Academy is an oath like no other. This oath outlines the necessities for being a true “Academy Man.” Christian Brothers Academy is a school like no other; we are a community of brothers. Through this oath, we are acknowledged as a brotherhood amongst all people. In this essay, I am going to cover three points from the Academy Oath: To live always with honor and integrity, to strive for wisdom in our pursuit of knowledge,…

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  • Dichotomy Between Academia And Spirituality Study

    The call to meditation and self-reflection in spiritual practices often becomes convoluted, evident in a radical interior withdrawal into selfish privacy, while with exteriority, it leads to an uncompromising dependence on the empirical reality. In the academic world, radical interiority often develops when scholars withdraw from the world without intention of returning. A sense of intellectual and spiritual ego arises from this withdrawal, creating an interesting dichotomy between Gottlieb’s…

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  • Becoming A Csi Investigator

    things I need to complete before I can be an official csi investigator. I need to earn a bachelor's degree. I can earn a bachelor's degree from online websites. Kaplan university is an option for an online degree. Kaplan university is one of the largest providers of online education in the U. S. I also need to get certified. The IAI program requires that a person have a minimum of one year experience working in an area related to crime scenes. The IAI certification test must be passed with…

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  • Reflection On Positivity In The Classroom

    To reach a conclusion I will assess the most recent Ofsted report (2014), the Behaviour Policy (2015) and my own reflections on my experience of Academy A. Though the latest Ofsted report (2014) does not explicitly refer to positivity when evaluating Academy A’s behaviour management, there is a sense of positivity reflected in the report. They describe it as a “rapidly improving academy” (Ofsted, 2014) where the Headteacher has “drive, determination and high expectations”. I agree that, from my…

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  • Intersectionality In The Academy: A Genealogical Analysis

    Challenging the Inclusion of Intersectionality in the Academy Introduction With this paper, I will explore the inclusion of intersectionality in the academy. To do so, I will provide a genealogical analysis of the ways in which intersectionality has been taken up and implemented by the neo-liberal academy and feminist scholars. The purpose of this paper, then, is to trace the history of intersectionality in relation to the academy in order to consider a future that is beyond inclusion. My…

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  • College Scholar Academy Background Essay

    College Scholar Academy Background My educational business is a college access consulting service practice. The market area for my business is students and parents who live in Michigan and surrounding Midwest areas. I will target homeschool, virtual school, suburban area, Upper Peninsula Michigan, and international students. The academy will help students with their educational goals but it will also help parents too. The academy will help parents who:  Feel overwhelmed with the college…

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