Justice System Reflection

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This was the seventh week out of twelve in my internship. This was another great week that was insightful and helpful to furthering my knowledge of the criminal justice system. I was sick on Monday which is why there is no event for that day. The log ends on the following Monday because I wanted to keep the string of five-day work weeks present in my reports. I am only mentioning this to make sure that there is no confusion in that part of the report.
This week, was the week of the citizen’s academy that I have talked about in previous reports. After all the work that I have helped put forward for this academy, I was excited to be able to finally witness it. Deputy Ball, who is the accident reconstructionist that I have spoken about in previous
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This was the presentation that I was most enthusiastic about because this was the presentation that I had helped with and, I have always been interesting in crime scene investigation information and processes. Flagg put together a very informative presentation and had everyone in the room interested in what he was talking about. He explained the processes of crime scene investigation, such as, photographing, evidence collection, which included fingerprint lifting, DNA collection, cleanup and other elements. This intrigued me because I had learned many things in this presentation while in the classroom at BGSU. The class that taught me the most about this topic, was the investigations class that I took either last year or the previous year. During this class, I learned the multiple steps of crime scene investigation, such as the steps that Flagg mentioned in his presentation. I was even able to perform a mock investigation inside of a campus house on campus. A crime scene was set up before our class, and our class got the opportunity to learn from BG detectives on how the process goes. They explained the steps that we were to take and in the order, we should take them. After we completed the process, which included, photographs, evidence number cones, evidence collection and bagging, we were to try to come up with an explanation as to what had occurred at the scene. This …show more content…
This was the first time I had the chance the ride with Detective Morgan and get a glimpse of what he does on a day to day basis. Morgan, let me know immediately that his policy, was that I could get out of the car and be with him during anything he did that he did not view as life threatening. He let me know right away that he knew some situations could be dangerous, but that is the nature of the job and the best way that I could learn with him was to be out with him, in the face of whatever he was doing. This was awesome to me because many other people that I had been with, kept me in the car whenever they had a serious call. Due to his policy, I had the opportunity to get out of the car and witness him interview a man at his house, about his son who had been arrested the previous night for suspected burglary. This also lead to us being able to search the owner’s two vehicles with the permission of the father because the vehicles were in his name. Morgan allowed me to put gloves on and help search the vehicles along with him and Deputy Teague who was also there. After this was complete, Detective Morgan interviewed the suspects girlfriend who was at the house at the time of our visit. This was interesting to me because I got the chance to observe how he interrogated someone and see how he could call her on several different lies during the

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