Academy Oath Analysis

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The Building Blocks of The Academy The Academy Oath of Christian Brothers Academy is an oath like no other. This oath outlines the necessities for being a true “Academy Man.” Christian Brothers Academy is a school like no other; we are a community of brothers. Through this oath, we are acknowledged as a brotherhood amongst all people. In this essay, I am going to cover three points from the Academy Oath: To live always with honor and integrity, to strive for wisdom in our pursuit of knowledge, and to serve and stand for those in need. These points are the building blocks to a successful academic, social, and spiritual life at the Academy. My first point is: To live always with honor and integrity. Living with honor is a key aspect as a CBA man. At this point, I …show more content…
I tend to think of this point as the most important point. Standing and serving those in need doesn't have to just be the poor, it could be a friend who was being bullied, or someone who simply needed help with homework. As Catholics, we stand by people who need assistance rather than running away and ignoring them. This summer, I worked at the Center for Food Action, which is a food bank in north Jersey. Helping out and delivering the canned good and donations to the needy was such an amazing experience. The fact that I was able to lend a helping hand to somebody in need made me feel God’s gift of the Holy Spirit inside me. This brings me to my final point, the spiritual aspect of the Academy Oath. Doing good for others, as I did this summer, shines a entirely different light on how fortunate we are to attend such an amazing school and to live the lives that we lead. As students of CBA, we are called upon to do good for our neighbors. It is our moral duty to serve those in need in the name of God. Doing kind and generous deeds for others brings us closer to God spiritually, and that is one of the main goals of Christian Brothers

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