Metanarrative Summary: God And Creation: Sulates To Christian Worldview

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Metanarrative Summary
Act 1 God and Creation: God created us in his image to spread the love and message of Jesus Christ, this topic relates to christian worldview because we have grown up knowing that we were created by God loved by God and chosen by God to be his hands and feet in a dying world. God created Adam in eve in the Garden of Eden as
Act 2 sin enters the world: Sin enters the world when Adam and Eve disobey God by listening to Satan in the form of a snake and eat from the tree of good and evil. This relates to christian worldview because ass christians we tend to want to know why and are curious to the unknown and because of this curiosity we may sin even though God has commanded us not to because he knows it 's for
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The israelites were God 's people however even though God brought them out of egypt all they did was whine and complain about being in the wilderness. They would have rather stay in egypt as slaves than to be free from the bondage . It was portrayed as if they thought God had betrayed them..God gave these commands to the people to let them know he is the only God and to start to ingrain in their mind what he wants them to do. The laws he provided are to be followed rather than the laws of the world.
To me this shows God separating his people at that moment from the people of the world but also letting them know that even though I do not want you following the ways of the land , he also expected you to obtain and respect laws of the world that did not conflict with his and to still have personal relationships and worship him. The covenant with israel related to the christian worldview because as christians we like israel sometimes complain and whine when we dont know Gods plans for us but like the israelites we soon see they he has brought us out of the wilderness and into the promised
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The relationship between servanthood and christian values are interchanging, I believe as a christian we are called to serve and God. We should serve people, being servants and teaching others to spread their faith.
What have you learned about servanthood through your Worship or community service experience?
I have learned that servanthood through my worship is that serving others is important. Jesus always found a way to help people always and served others and we should follow and lead by his example. Doing more for others than what he did for himself.
In what ways has your experience in Worship or community service prepared you for a lifestyle that incorporates volunteerism and community servanthood?
My workship and community service has prepared me to learn that it is good to serve others and show God 's love to others while helping them in any way that I can because serving others is ultimately giving your heart to God and being a servant to Him.
What role will volunteerism play in your lifestyle after your experience at PBA?
Volunteering will play a huge role in my life even after PBA. I have been volunteering since I was in 7th grade and I love volunteering and doing work that is pleasing to

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