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  • The Importance Of Search In Me Before You, By Jojo Moyes

    A search is defined as trying to discover something by seeking carefully for it. Some searches can be bigger than others; searching for oneself is much more significant than the negligible search for one's keys. After You, by Jojo Moyes is the sequel to Me Before You, which is also written by Jojo Moyes. Louisa Clark is trying to deal with the death of Will Traynor, the man she loved. Will decided to end his life at Dignitas because he was a quadriplegic and felt he had no purpose in the world. Louisa was his caregiver while he was still alive. As she is trying to deal with her grief, she has a terrible accident. Everyone is convinced that she tried to end her life, but in reality it was just an act of her clumsiness. Also, a surprise visitor…

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  • Me Before You By Jojo Moyes

    Love is not always based on physical appearences. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, is a book that proves that you love someone for their heart. The two main characters are Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. Will Traynor was in a terrible motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed. Will and Louisa are an unlikely pair, yet they become romantically involved. Me Before You shows, that love is not just about what you see, but about what you feel on the inside. The book appealed to me because of the two…

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  • Me Before You By Joyo Moye: Character Analysis

    Louisa. I thought that self-esteem was primarily about feeling good with yourself; however, self-esteem is also about loving yourself and being comfortable with your aspect. Therefore, this book made me realize that feeling good with yourself isn’t enough, since you have to appreciate yourself. Which is exactly what I don’t do. Louisa had the same feelings because in the past Will had many beautiful girlfriends due to his handsomeness. Thus, in the course of the story Louisa got to know one of…

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  • Me Before You: An Interpreted Romantic Film

    Me Before You Me Before You is an adapted romantic film from one of the bestselling novels of Jojo Moyes, a renowned English romance novelist, and is directed by Thea Sharrock, an English theater director, and film director. This film provides many interesting scenarios, the meaning of title itself “Me Before You” and demonstrates the unexpected romantic relationship that occurs in a small town in England between a young English woman and a wealthy paralyzed business man from London. Love…

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  • Waist High In The World Analysis

    Life,” James Charlton makes the point, “Access is a simple proposition obscured by prejudice that prioritizes resources and projects in terms of tradition and wealth” (Charlton 103). The lack of accessibility that pervades reflects a focus on money and stasis over concern for the inclusion of as many members of our society as possible. That so many places Mairs mentioned are not accessible both represents and perpetuates negative attitudes toward mobility impairments. These negative attitudes…

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  • An Analysis Of Will Traynor's Me Before You. Me Before You

    BALANI, Manzil V. YAP, Winona Janelle T. Ph104 – P Unstoppable An analysis of Will Traynor’s from the novel Me Before You Me Before You, a novel by Jojo Moyes, is about making difficult choices. Will Traynor has decided that life is no longer worth living. He gave himself a deadline and was simply counting down the days. Life tried to stop him when he met Louisa, his paid companion, but his mind was set and there was no stopping a train whose tracks were broken. Before Will felt…

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  • The Fault In Our Stars: A Literary Analysis

    A romantic tragedy is a combination of two genres that touches people’s hearts. In 2014, Josh Boone directed The Fault in Our Stars originally a best-seller novel of John Green, and in 2016 Thea Sharrock released her film Me Before You based on Jojo Moyes best-seller novel. In which, both of them reaching number one for at least four weeks straight on USA Today best-selling books. Although both films have a tragically ending, The Fault in Our Stars is more appealing toward the audience based on…

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  • The Issue Of Physician Assisted Suicide

    Physician-Assisted Suicide With the recent popularity of the book and movie, Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, the already controversial topic of physician-assisted suicide has been brought back into the limelight. The story follows the love story of a permanently paralyzed man and his caretaker. Overwrought with pain and suffering, the quadriplegic chooses to end his life through the assistance of a physician, much to the despair of his caretaker. Minus the love story, part of my life is…

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  • Passive Euthanasia

    Patients rather die than have the illness reduce them to a shell of their former selves. And sometimes it kills them to know that they are not able to take care of themselves without the help of nursing assistants. Those patients want people to remember them as what they used to be like, not as someone who is weak. That is why most patients want to die with dignity. Such situation was mentioned in “Me Before You,” a novel by Jojo Moyes. The main character Will Traynor, a successful, wealthy, and…

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