Me Before You By Joyo Moye: Character Analysis

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While reading Joyo Moye’s best seller Me Before You I developed a relationship with the wonderful and admirable principal character, Louisa Clark, since she comforted, reassured, and showed me from a different perspective the way I behave as well as behaviors and feelings that I thought I didn’t have. Such as caring for the wellness of others, worry, low self-esteem and having few ambitions. All these aspects made me comprehend many different things about myself I didn’t even know.
What I did know about myself is that a smile from a stranger always makes me feel happy. Therefore, I have always cared and made sure that people around me are mentally and physically well, just like Louisa. Louisa is a very compassionate character who worked as a waitress
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Nevertheless, when I finished reading Me Before You I recognized that I have problems with my self-esteem just like Louisa. I thought that self-esteem was primarily about feeling good with yourself; however, self-esteem is also about loving yourself and being comfortable with your aspect. Therefore, this book made me realize that feeling good with yourself isn’t enough, since you have to appreciate yourself. Which is exactly what I don’t do. Louisa had the same feelings because in the past Will had many beautiful girlfriends due to his handsomeness. Thus, in the course of the story Louisa got to know one of Wills’ ex-girlfriend Alicia, who was a very beautiful woman, and she was invited to her wedding. In the wedding, we can see that Louisa struggled with her self-esteem when Moyes wrote that while Louisa was seeing Alicia walking down the aisle, she wondered about how it would be to be like Alicia, the perfect woman who all men want (Moyes 254). Those thoughts showed that Louisa yearned to be someone else, which implied that she didn’t love herself

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