An Analysis Of Will Traynor's Me Before You. Me Before You

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An analysis of Will Traynor’s from the novel Me Before You

Me Before You, a novel by Jojo Moyes, is about making difficult choices. Will Traynor has decided that life is no longer worth living. He gave himself a deadline and was simply counting down the days. Life tried to stop him when he met Louisa, his paid companion, but his mind was set and there was no stopping a train whose tracks were broken.
Before Will felt despair in his life he was a completely different man. In the beginning of the novel, Will Traynor is an ambitious and dynamic man, who has dreams and aspirations for himself. Will always needs to be active, whether it be through working in his fast-paced
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He becomes paralyzed and is diagnosed as a quadriplegic, unable to make use of his legs and arms, except in small doses. Constantly frustrated by his unfortunate situation, his active mind is unable to bear the immobility of his body. He now has to seek help for everything – from being fed to being dressed – Will no longer has power over his body. Since the accident, Will has had to forego his lavish lifestyle in London, and now resides with his parents in a small town where there is no future. He has lost his job, and his girlfriend has left him for his best friend. Worst of all, are the dreams and hopes he had for himself, now crushed because of his crippling and incurable …show more content…
The motivations and intentions, which led him to this decision, was the fact that he no longer wished to live a life of misery and agony. He felt as though because he had lost control over his body, and was no longer living, but merely surviving. It was Will’s situation or circumstance, however, which played a huge role in shaping his decision towards assisted suicide. Having been a quadriplegic for two years since the road accident, his life had become a series of hospital visits and confinement, of suffering various pains, and of essentially counting down the very minutes until his body would eventually give up on

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