Isolation In A Rose For Emily Analysis

Isolation is when one feels lonely or left to be by their self. There is no one to help them deal with their problems, or no one to at least talk too. Isolation played a key role in several books and poems that was read. Females and males both experience isolation, but they are expressed in different behaviors.
A Rose for Emily, Miss Emily has experience isolation throughout her entire life. As a young child he father kept her away, and when it comes to finding a man her father played a role in that as well. However, Miss Emily tries to make herself happy “…even when we believed that she was fallen” (Faulkner 228). Then Miss Emily met a young man named Homer. Homer when become her lover and she was not about to let him escape from her. Miss
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Miss Emily was determine to not be left alone again. Another lady that experience isolation is Miss Brill. She lives in her home alone and she teaches English; however, Miss Brill sees her life in a different way. Miss Brill goes to the park, in the fall, to listen to the band play, and always wore her little fur coat. However that little fur coat meant something to her “shaken out the moth-powder, given it a good brush, and rubbed the life back into dim little eyes” (Mansfield 245). That is where she sees herself as an actress, she looks around and looks and watch what the other people do around her. She believes she is very popular lady, but reality she just an awkward, lonely lady. However, Miss Brill gets her feeling hurt when two young kids talk about her and her fur coat. In the end, Miss Brill is heartbroken, and puts her little fur coat back in the box. Finally, Granny Weatherall also experiences isolation as an elderly young lady. Granny Weatherall is a very religious lady, and took care of her and her family all by herself. However, as she gets older everyone wants to help her, but she believes she does not want …show more content…
He is very depressed man that “...Wept that he was ever born” (Robinson 3). He wish the generation he was in was like the past generation. He wish for the past life, all the decades of rulers and rules. However, he was born a little too late to live in that generation. Therefore, since he can never live in the past, he will just keep on drinking his life away. Richard Cory is a very wealthy and lucky man. However, Richard Cory did not see himself as no one special. He is a very normal man, and was always nice to the people. However, Richard Cory “went home and put a bullet through his head” (Robinson 16). Everyone believed he was a happy man, and did not a have a problem in the world. However, he was a lonely man, and was done living a lonely life. Finally, Not Waving but Drowning, a man is left drowning with no help. The people thought he was okay, but the man is not okay. “I was much further out than you though,” (Smith 3) was what the man was thinking in his head, wishing the people could read his mind. He was left alone to alone waving for attention, and getting rejection from everyone around. Seeking help and no one was there to help him while his cold, sad life

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