Peace Accompanied By Physician Assisted Suicide

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The Peace Accompanied by Physician Assisted Suicide
Upon hearing a loved one has been pronounced terminally ill, the initial thoughts include how sad it will be to see that person deteriorate and how they do not deserve the pain they will endure. But does anyone ever think about the person’s end-of-life choices? Do any thoughts question the peace accompanied by Physician Assisted Suicide? Physician Assisted Suicide provides patients with the choice to die with their dignity. These days, many people choose Physician Assisted Suicide to avoid the dying process, because they do not want to undergo the pain of their situation and not be able to enjoy their final days of life. Physician Assisted Suicide exists so that terminally ill patients can
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The Oregon Public Health Division acknowledges that, “As in previous years, the three most frequently mentioned end-of-life concerns were: loss of autonomy (91.4%), decreasing ability to participate in activities that made life enjoyable (86.7%), and loss of dignity (71.4%)” to show exactly how many people struggled with the thought of losing these things. Many individuals find it scary that they will get to a point where life will no longer be enjoyable because of their illness. People want to be able to respond to life and the things happening around until they die and some people may not end up having that choice. The family of the sufferer will help make sure the patient makes their decision in the right state of mind and they continue to be in that state at the time they die. Brody writes, “Presumably the family will help to assure that the patient 's choice is truly voluntary and that the patient has appropriately sought out other care options before concluding that death through suicide is the only effective way to avoid further suffering”, showing that the choice for Physician Assisted Suicide is usually an option the family approves of as well. The family will help make sure the victim does not make a hasty decision and viewed the other options before coming towards Physician Assisted Suicide. The family will also be able to support the decision, causing them to be more accepting of the choice of the patient. The families will gain closure more easily with Physician Assisted Suicide than they would if the subject were to either suffer or commit suicide on their own. When addressing most families’ views towards Physician Assisted Suicide, Brody adds, “Specifically, the family is unlikely to interpret the suicide as an angry or rejecting action directed at themselves. Perhaps this is because a suicide in the face of terminal suffering is far more "understandable" than a suicide triggered by

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