Me Before You By Jojo Moyes

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Love is not always based on physical appearences. Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, is a book that proves that you love someone for their heart. The two main characters are Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. Will Traynor was in a terrible motorcycle accident that left him paralyzed. Will and Louisa are an unlikely pair, yet they become romantically involved. Me Before You shows, that love is not just about what you see, but about what you feel on the inside. The book appealed to me because of the two main characters. Will appealed to me because he was a free spirit. He loved to travel and do invigorating things. Louisa appealed to me because she was such a joyful person who saw the good in everyone. What appealed to me most was the title. It sparked an emotional response from me. The title explains what the book was about, by showing what happens when a person put someone else before themselves. This book does a great job in describing how real relationships are affected by something they had no control over. Will’s previous relationship did not end well because of his physical and emotional injuries. In the beginning of the book readers will not be very fund of Will. Will was very rude and arrogant. He was full of self-pity after the accident, and isolated himself from any emotional connections he had. I liked Louisa because she was very strong minded and independent in dealing with his …show more content…
It is a story about love, a strong woman, a man who feels less of a man. People with disabilities are likely to appreciate this book, but also likely to resent it. Anyone who loves a good drama book would enjoy it as well. This would be a highly recommend this book to those who are injured and feels like you cannot find love. Even if you do not like romance books you would still enjoy reading this specific book because it is so relatable. After reading this book you may rethink of adding romance novels to your cabinet of

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