Book Analysis: All Quiet On The Western Front

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1. The full and complete setting and why it is important to the the literation?
All Quiet on the Western Front is set during World War I, behind the German frontlines where Paul Baumer is assigned. The setting intertwines back and forth between the warfront and the camp where Baumer stays. Once during the novel, Baumer goes home on leave, but the setting quickly deteriorates to the warfront. The only additional setting in the novel is in the hospital. Erich Maria Remarque did a great job at showing the reader a clear picture of what went on in the perspective of Paul, as I continued to read I began to have a better understanding of how he and his fellow soldiers interacted together. This book allowed the reader to grasp how demanding and petrifying
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While they taught that duty to one's country is the greatest thing, we already knew that death-throes are stronger. “(1.64)This specific quote focuses on the fact that the young soldiers have a different opinion than the older generation of fighters, saying that the "death-throes" are stronger than duty to one's country making the young men question why they risk their lives for it

• “With our young, awakened eyes we saw that the classical conception of the Fatherland held by our teachers resolved itself here into a renunciation of personality such as one would not ask of the meanest servant. “(2.5) I chose this quote because I feel that the characters in All Quiet on the Western Front are very simple, lacking depth. I believe the author does this to show us just what it means for a soldier to give up his "personality" As if they are roots.

• “There were many other staff corporals, the majority of whom were more decent. But above all each of them wanted to keep his good job there at home as long as possible, and that he could do only by being strict with the recruits. (2.15)”This quote was interesting because it shows us that there are more than one statement that show that the military leaders were unpleasant. However, all of the respectable ones, do everything they can to stay as far away from the Front and as close to their families as possible. This results that the soldiers are exposed to many types
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Explain the narration style in terms of point of view and how it helps to develop the literature? All Quiet on the Western Front is in the point of First Person (Central Narrator) and Third Person (Objective).The main character Paul tells his story through a first-person lends, allowing him to explain the ugly truth on the experiences he has had to survive through. As I recited I felt as though he was congested with pain reliving the violence that he has no intention of reminiscing in; his own opinions are never lost in place of using the shallowness of his father's desires for retellings of war glories as a means for punctuating the senseless brutality of this series of events.

4. What is it that is so special about the book? What makes some people consider this book a great

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