The Princess Bride: True Love

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Why is it hard to love another? When true love, is at stake anyone would do anything to continue it or demolish it. The Princess Bride is a fictional tale and is centered on the love of a beautiful women and a skillful man of the name man in black. They vow to themselves that they would never love another. But is it easy to keep your word in certain situations? The mythical stories characters endure things that human beings shouldn’t go through. Some characters overcome deaths while others couldn’t. The Princess Bride is a wonderful and aggressive book that consists of love, adventure, deaths, near death experiences, revenge, and more.
In The Princess Bride there are two main characters (in my opinion) and a few of major characters. The main
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The baby eventually ended up turning into dust in Buttercups hands because Buttercups milk had no love. Her development through the story I wouldn’t consider a development. What she did to overcome all the obstacles that came her way is fairly evident. From the moment she fell in love with Westley till the moment she found out he was “dead” her development was nil. She maneuvered through her day, unbothered, because she was certain the she wouldn’t love anyone anymore. Once she is told that Westley is dead she spends the rest of the story, searching for Westley. Why is Westley the guy she loves? I don’t know, but let’s get to know him a wee bit more. Westley is the guy that you wouldn’t want to mess with and who everyone is envious of, especially Prince Humperdinck. …show more content…
Before I was told that it was like Romeo and Juliet, I thought I would resent this book. When I started reading, it was so boring so I thought that I was right but when I got past the rocky start, the book captured my attention. But even with the shaky start personally, I enjoyed the book. I would gladly say that this book gave me a good impression and I would recommend for anyone that’s into romance and action combined to make a dramatic novel. The time honored tale of The Princess Bride gave off good morals that could be useful for anyone to attain in their brain for future references. One part that I personally enjoyed in the book is how William Goldman made it seem like S. Morgenstern was actually real, when in reality he was just a symbol of imagination. It was very creative for William Goldman to say that he was just shortening “the classic tale of true love and high adventure”. I also found it very interesting how William Goldman would transition from his father reading the book to his son and back to the

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