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  • St. Louis-Boston Transportation Security Administration Analysis

    I travel the St. Louis-Boston air route on an almost weekly basis. At times Boston Transportation Security Administration (TSA) stops me. Every time I am being stopped, I end up exhausted, confused and even a bit shaky. As I get prepared to cross the TSA security checkpoint the rush starts. I tend to feel somehow naked. A sensation I believe might be shared with those who actually did strip naked to show TSA screeners that they were not carrying a bomb, as John Brennan did in 2012. Once all things have gone through a scanner, I am requested to step into the scanner myself. They order me to bring my arms up with my legs spread apart, stepping on the yellow shoe figures that are on the floor. I wait to be Okayed, before getting my okayed things back. But today my things were not Okayed. I 'm not allowed to touch any of those things that used to be mine. Things that were an extension of myself: A hard worker honest person, and doctoral student. That is what I find myself thinking, as if my reputation and character were in doubt. At that very moment no one cares what I have to say. In fact, in trying to be helpful I 'm not considered helpful but a possible delinquent. I find myself clarifying that I am not the enemy. That I have spent six months helping through the Red Cross after 9/11 as an unpaid volunteer. But TSA agents are not there to listen. Their job is to increase the safety on board and reduce terrorist attacks on aircrafts. What they see is not my toiletry, my…

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  • Essay On Landpower

    Landpower is the most versatile and flexible of the various elements of military power. These concepts, coupled with landpower’s recognized interdependency on the other elements of military power, explain the extraordinary jointness of the American way of conducting land warfare. This interdependence and jointness are the keys to understanding what landpower is both well suited for, and ill-suited to accomplish. It also informs not only how the U.S. Army and Marines organized to fight in the…

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  • Heidi Toffler Concept

    information’ to confuse the enemy. Mobility of weapons too increased.3 The aim of current Revolution in Military Affairs is to enable military to strike anywhere with weight, volume, precision and relative safety. The biggest examples today are 9/11 terror attack on twin towers and the second example is operation Geronimo at Attobbabad thereafter. Another objective is to electronically confuse the enemy by creating Fog of information and to be able to completely be aware of enemy’s…

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  • Inter Service Rivalry Analysis

    Introduction Inter-service rivalry provides an opportunity to build espirit de corps and encourages competition that benefits both services as they try to outshine their sister service. Yet, the Pacific War provides convincing examples that there is a great deal of risk to war preparation, planning, and execution inherent in such rivalries. The inability of Japanese and American commanders to effectively and efficiently coordinate operations and concentrate their forces at decisive points…

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  • Armed Forces Research Paper

    SOCOM all the more difficult. While dealing with the pressure from the government to succeed at lowering terror organizations in more than one country (USSOCOM History and Research staff, N.A). The policy changes during this operation to allow this to be successful was the expansion of the SOCOM branch, and increase in the budget they received. The expansion of technology and he development of advanced technology to with the war. As well as be able to attack terror organization without harming…

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  • Strategic Objectives In Operation Desert Storm And Operation Iraqi Freedom

    Bush stated: “The Security Council Resolutions will be enforced…or action will be unavoidable.” This was followed by Secretary of State Colin Powell making a forceful and persuasive argument for direct intervention in Iraq due to concerns of Iraqi possession of weapons of mass destruction. The new dictum of ‘joint operations’, which was first expressed on a smaller scale in Operation Desert Storm, fully came into practice by the time of Operation Iraqi Freedom. “The fundamental asymmetry,…

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