Heidi Toffler Concept

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Famous futurists like Alvin Toffler and Heidi Toffler have quoted that, “a military revolution, in its fullest scene, occurs only, when an entire society transforms itself, forcing its armed forces to change at every level simultaneously from technology and culture to organization, strategy, tactics, training, doctrine and logistics”

Alvin and Heidi Tofflers' scenario portrays a world once bisected into First Wave (agrarian) and Second Wave (industrial) powers changing drastically as the U.S., Europe and Japan move toward a Third Wave economy that creates and exploits electronic information and advanced technology. The result on the battlefield, they claim, is the potential for more wars dominated by ``knowledge strategy''
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The status of information has been raised from being raw material for intelligence to a level where it is now accepted as a tool, or even a new medium for war fighting. Information superiority has led to attainment of decision superiority. The lethality of information power is like any other power. Op Iraqi Freedom launched on 19 March 2003 was a major success essentially due to receipt of information in a short time frame. Establishing information dominance over one's adversary will become a major focus of the operational art in the future.6

The United States has led and maintains a significant advantage in the development of information- based technologies. This advantage is well grounded in U.S. military capabilities7. The roots of the U.S. military's information-based RMA have been decades in the making. As information-based technologies and capabilities continue to mature, they have become much less expensive, and by their very nature, can be rapidly incorporated by other military forces to enhance their

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