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  • Chungking Express Film Analysis

    Before I analyze the film Chungking Express, I would like to briefly introduce its director—Wang Kar-Wai, a great master who specialized in describing protagonists’ characteristics by details and the whole environment. Since he grows up in Hong Kong, a former British colony involving Chinese culture and western culture, he has lots of thinking on this metropolis and the people living there. Thus he directs bunch of films such like Chungking Express, telling the love stories happened in Hong Kong via protagonists’ characteristics and background music. In this movie, there are two independent and interconnected love stories as well as four protagonists: cop 233, A-Fei, cop 663, and female killer. Wang Kar-Wai tells us that urban people are lonely since their life is so simple: work and rest; however, they are full of warmth and tender deep inside their hearts. They are always seeking for pure love in this city—they are all parts of Chungking Express, the emotional signature of Hong Kong. To illustrate, I will analyze this movie from three scenes to reveal that urban people desire love and care deep inside their hearts even though they are living in such a busy and cold city. The first scene, whose protagonists the female killer and cop 233, He-Zhiwu are in the film impressed me a lot. In the beginning, the killer (Actor: Lin Qingxia) hired several Indians to transport the drug out of Hong Kong. However, those Indians disappeared with the drug. If she cannot find them until May…

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  • Peter Elbow's Ideas On The Process Of Writing: Analysis

    In the quote from Writing Without Teachers, Peter Elbow talks about his ideas on the process of writing. He says, “think of writing as an organic, developmental process in which you start writing at the very beginning – before you know your meaning at all – and encourage your words gradually to change and evolve” (Elbow). Elbow believes that you can’t know what you are going to discuss or to comment on until you are done writing and all of your thoughts finally come together to make sense. He…

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  • Mental Toughness In Sport Psychology

    The discussion of mental toughness has to be the number one discussed topic in sport psychology. It seems that everyone is on the same sheet of music agreeing that it’s vital to success, but it’s very debatable to "what is mental toughness?” All of the definitions of mental toughness in this article sound really tasty and easy to bite off on. However, I’m one who leaves nothing to chance and I think there is more to the definition than "sociable, outgoing, calm, relaxed, competitive,…

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  • Analysis Of The Fist Of Fury

    Thus, the Fist of Fury is a great example of the nationalism depicted in films and also the anti-Japanese sentiments. It is very common to know that in the past and even today, there is still this negative and superior feeling toward the Japanese. There are various reasons why there are these negative sentiments towards the Japanese (and vice versa) but some can be that it may lie in the struggle for power and influence in Asia between China and Japan. Another reason may be because there are…

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  • Character Analysis: The Crucible By Arthur Miller

    cave to capture her soul. Even though she did not get banished from her town, Abigail seeks revenge just as Ursula did. Mary Warren comes to the courthouse to testify that she has not seen spirits and, “none of [Abigail and her friends] have seen these things either” (515). After hearing that she might lose her power, Abigail seeks vengeance on Mary. Just as Ursula tries to take King Triton’s daughter, Abigail tries to take Mary Warren’s freedom by accusing her of coinciding with the devil. …

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  • The Flea Poem Analysis

    In 1633, John Donne published a metaphysical poem titled The Flea. This poem consists of an erotic theme where a flea is used as a metaphor in order to demonstrate the affair between the speaker and their lover. In the same year, The Altar was published by George Herbert. This poem illustrates the religious notion of how one must sacrifice themselves to God through the use of an altar. In the following, The Flea and The Altar will be compared and contrasted in terms of the physical shape of the…

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  • Puritans In Nathaniel Hawthorne's 'The Scarlett Letter'

    father of Hester’s child. After he gives a speech to Hester demanding her to reveal the name of the father of her child, it is said that “so powerful seemed the minister’s appeal that the people could not believe but that Hester Prynne would speak out the guilty name; or else that the guilty one himself…would be drawn forth by an inward and inevitable necessity, and compelled to ascend the scaffold”(Hawthorne 63-64). The people woo over Dimmesdale and believe and feel whatever his words lead…

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  • John Updike A & P Short Story Analysis

    The American middle class and blue collar class provokes American’s imaginations. The idea that hard working men and women can climb through the ranks to achieve wealth is sacred amongst American citizens. John Updike delivers in his short story titled A&P an explicit view of a middle class teenager’s sexual fascination. The story is set in an A&P grocery store where the young protagonist and narrator named Sammy works as a cashier. The rising action begins once Sammy spots three girls who walk…

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  • The Importance Of The Boys And Girls Club

    or large. At the Boys and Girls club I was thought varies ways to overcome my anxiety, things like: hosting events (MC) and even talking in front of small audience. As of right now I am very proud to say I no longer have stage fright. I am proud to say that I host (MC) all the events that is going on at the Florence Degeorge Boys and Girl Club. There was a boy name John, who was very timid to the point he was afraid of interacting with the other kids around him. I took the…

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  • Examples Of Foreshadowing In Of Mice And Men

    Foreshadowing plays a large part in the novel “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. He sets the scene at the beginning of the chapter with a specific amount of light and dark, and coming from either the natural light of the sun or some type of electric light source. This setting foreshadows the entire chapter in saying whether what happens will turn out positively or negatively. Not only that, but at many different points in the book, the characters foreshadow the end of the book through their…

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