Five Contexts Of Communication Analysis

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Within the realm of communication there are five contexts of communication which we utilize regularly to effectively relay the messages we intend for others to receive. These five contexts are referred to in Business Communication for Success (2012) as intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, public and mass communication. As each context is examined we will explore examples of each one as they present themselves in everyday life in addition to the appeal of intrapersonal communication and the not so appealing mass communication. The first context of communication is referred to as intrapersonal communication by author Donna Vocate of the article Intrapersonal communication: Different voices, different minds (1994). Intrapersonal communication can be considered self-conversation or self-thought. The reasoning is that intrapersonal communication occurs between you and yourself. My most recent encounter with this context type was while I had to give a presentation for a proposal to my manager. Whilst doing so and giving them to review I regularly found myself going over points and reviewing my next …show more content…
Public communication hinges on one person speaking to a mass of people where the speaker is the sources and those listening are the audience but not necessarily providing feedback. I use public communication when I speak to my team on upcoming updates to our systems or organizations. On the other hand mass communication though sent out to many people is not necessarily received by all those people. As described in Business Communication for Success (2012) a person sent out a tweet on Twitter but not all people may choose to view that person’s tweet or even have the option of viewing it. I utilize mass communication when I am on Facebook and I want to share my vacation

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