Team Analysis Papers

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Team Analysis
Teresa Allen You
Western International University
Human Relations and Communication
Mollie Surgine
December 25, 2017 Team Analysis

This research paper is based on the concepts and context of communication and the consistency in communicating on verbal and nonverbal pathways. In addition the paper will look at two teams, one being well structured with good leadership and feedback while the second team needs some skill building training in interpersonal communications and conflict resolutions. Mostly all communication is based on the cultural aspects of human relations, the way we learn and speak and relay verbal and nonverbal messages is part of interpersonal communication. In the first group mentioned earlier in the paper the team consistentantly fails to meet their required assignment deadlines and doing their work in which the leader has expressed which is not favorable for this team because of their inconsistency to be educated by the leader concerning cultural differences and team dynamics. For this team to be effective, the importance is to be educated on work performance and leadership responsibilities, and shared values.

On the aspects of individual and collective orientation (DeVito, 2014) suggest one of the primary differences between these two teams is one has a greater value of importance in team and leadership goals. For the second team this is the focus including interpersonal communication and conflict resolutions. This

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