Reflection On HRM

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1. Introductory section.

i) Contentious issue

From my first Human Resource Management class, I was able to learn about the role of HRM, theories and also the management across cultures. For my future career which is working in a international company that is the reason why I want to discuss about the HRM issues interpreted differently by cultural/institutional differences. Due to the globalization, hiring different countries of employees is becoming popular. And the working environment and the team will naturally become a multi-cultural teams. Multi-cultural teams can bring more various ideas, broaden the perspectives, can bring the creative ideas through communicate with people who has different back grounds. On the other sides, multi-cultural
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For the masculinity the work for the women and men are defined, high differences between the genders, and less influential of the women. On the other hand, in Feminity, social gender roles are equal. And the differences of the works are low and women has equal influential with the men.

i) Confucian culture in East
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The Attitude towards the role of women was similar in other societies which implemented Confucian teaching. We may even specify the role of the woman as a person who takes care of the home and children, which was similar in China, Korea or Japan. The equality of men and women was implemented by the Constitution, given to the Japanese nation by the Americans. Nevertheless, the economic situation of Japan allowed the patterns described by Confucius to continue and left women at homes, fulfilling their duties as housewives and preserving the social patterns introduced ages ago. However, the economic crisis in Japan forced the government to implement the government to implement new laws which enabled women to undertake other activities than those related to running the household.

In 2013 Women president, Park Keun Hye was elected in South Korea. It was big issue in the world is because she was the first president at the same time she was the daughter of the past president Park Jeong hee. Some people are hoping that working conditions for women will be better and understand that it is the results of how the Korea is transforming from the masculinity society into Feminity. There are various issues on about the social gender roles from the past till now. And also HRM is also important to understand the different cultural dimension in the

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