Cross-Cultural Communication Differences Between Cultures

The downfall for many organizations is the incompetence to be able to understand the differences between cultures and wanting to promote a cross-cultural program. To promote interaction between different cultures has its advantages but takes a great amount of time and research (Barker). Not having a cross-cultural understanding will inhibit companies from being able to compete with their competition due to being unaware of other cultural differences around the world. Cross-cultural communication is no longer an option to choose to participate in companies to communicate with other individuals it is now a requirement for companies to create a program to diversify its employees to stay above the competition (Zofi).
Companies having a cross-cultural
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To be successful through cross-cultural communication, individuals must understand the interest, concern, and perspectives of that particular culture group (Scudder). To achieve this degree of communication one must be familiar with the different types of communication used between cultures, which are spoken and written language, body language, and language etiquette (Hurn, 2). This involves researching and asking questions about the culture in which one plans to create a future alliance with through skills acquired from cross-cultural communication (Scudder).
To become knowledgeable about cultures businesses should employ diverse works and implement a diversity program. This will allow their management team to implement and sustain interactions with cultures in various regions. Which will give the leaders of the company the understanding and respect towards different cultures and how incorporate ways for their employees to create positive relationships through a variety of communicational tools through this cross-cultural training program

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