Global Teamwork Essay

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In today’s society it is hard to avoid multicultural work environment with teams spread out throughout multiple countries. We experience challenges presented in doing business globally but working as a team can minimize confusion and the inefficiencies with running a global project. As a global leader he/she must realizing these challenges and take action. As stated by SHRM Foundation (n.d.) “To be effective, the leaders of tomorrow must be able to collaborate while navigating cultural, regional and political differences.” In my experience we should not be afraid of large global projects as they bring interesting challenges that make our jobs more exciting.
In take into consideration the different culture involved it plays a big part of
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Higashi harsh attitude in communication is stern and abrupt where Kelly is fickle and timed. Communication is very important when dealing with other cultures especially in leadership. As a leader one must be able to be open and understand the differences taking in the fact that both parties view point are different culturally but should be disgusted and work through the miscommunication. It is coming together as a team that allows open communication, shared values which leads to team cohesion. As stated by Daft (2011) “Leaders encourage people to expand their minds and abilities and to assume responsibilities for their own action.” Every culture can bring different value and ideas it allowing others to ability to learn of each other expectations especially in the negotiation process. Different cultures define different ways to communicate and approach situation different. Mr. Higashi over aggression is not communicating properly which is an uncomfortable situation for Kelly. In communicating it is important to understand each other objectives and try and come up with a compromise. In order, to fit both cultural needs when discussing any form of negotiations through the general principles of all …show more content…
As stated by Dowell (2014). “Whenever two humans come together, there is liable to be conflict, and where there is conflict, negotiation is a common tool to help resolve problems.” It is the ability to understand and learn from each other through negotiations to gain insight into human interaction. From vacation time, sick time, business deals, negotiations have been the common barrier to help each party achieve a compromise without conflict. In Mr. Higashi and Kelly’s situation they did not conclude to a compromise but both parties where able to share and express their feeling in hopes to negotiate a deal that is suited for both parties and would not jeopardized any culture barriers that might take precedents. Negotiations will always be continuing occurrence especially when one is trying to negotiation tangible and intangible

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