King Arthur

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  • Sir Gawain And The Wife Of Bath's Tale Essay

    experienced in the past. In Arthurs W. Franks “Letting Stories Breath: A Socio-Narratology”, he brings up the concept of how stories affect people’s reality and what is their true meaning. His excerpts are tied into Beowulf, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and The Wife of Bath’s Tale in different ways. Each story is different but one thing they have in common is that they all influenced the readers’ thoughts. This impact is what associates all three stories to Arthurs W. Frank’s assertions.…

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  • Examples Of Chivalry In Morte D Arthur

    takes King Arthurs place…

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  • Betrayal In The Once And Future King

    but lead to the death of King Arthur. The very first person that lead the pack of people who not only betrayed Arthur, but leads to his death, was Guinevere. Guinevere starts it all by getting into an affair with Arthur's greatest knight, Sir Lancelot. During a discussion in The Once and Future King, Arthur receives a letter from Lancelot’s father asking for help against…

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  • The Arthurian Legend: Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

    The Arthurian Legend is a collection of various stories which revolve around King Arthur, one of the legendary kings of Britain. These stories vary in their versions, interpretations, and spelling of names but their essences remain the same. They regale us with tales of the time prior to King Arthur’s conception to his rise to kinghood, tales of his adventures with his Knights of the Round Table, tales of the adulterous romance that occurred between his queen, Guinevere, and his knight and…

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  • Morte Darthur: The Most Christian King

    it was,” said the King, “but as it is said, Sit Lancelot slew them in the thickest of the press and knew them not. And therefore let us shape a remedy for to revenge their deaths.” (Morte Darthur pg. 337, second to last paragraph) This quote is a prime example of how Arthur and his his peers, portrayed by Malory, may not have been the most Christianly of people. Arthur and his Court are supposedly Christian, as the tale usually goes. Arthur is known as “the most Christian King there ever was”.…

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  • Sir Lucas: A True Hero

    Medieval stories tell of King Arthur, the courageous ruler of a magnificent kingdom and court of knights, therefore the tales portray him as a hero. His courage to fight in battle along with his code of honour and confidence in both himself and his knights, are the attributes that make him such a hero. King Arthur obtains all the glory from his heroic deeds, but there is more than one hero in King Arthur’s tale. Although there are many heroes that go unnoticed (because a king is more well known…

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  • Lord Alfred Tennyson's Idylls Of The King

    Lord Alfred Tennyson’s Idylls of the King was written in Victorian England and the latest version was published in 1885, though the actual writing process covered a span of almost 50 years. Tennyson bases the series of poems comprising the Idylls on the European myth of King Arthur and the court of Camelot and various other adaptations of that legend. The evolution of Tennyson’s female characters to their final stages underscores an undermining of traditional Victorian gender roles by…

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  • Chivalry In Beowulf Analysis

    glory, duty, and respect. The English created have a similar legend that outlined their warrior code. Their code as centered in the Arthurian motif. The story of Arthur combined with other stories make up the chivalry code used by English knights. These stories include the story of the Green Knight, Song of Roland, Perceval, and Malory’s Arthur. The chivalry code is defined in these texts as courage, honor, and strength. This is similar in many ways to the Anglo-Saxon code. The purpose of…

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  • Idylls Of The King: Poem Analysis

    Idylls of the King, written by Alfred Lord, Tennyson, is a poem about King Arthur’s knights and his kingdom succumbing to corruption. It is also a tale that elaborates on the famous love triangle blossoming between King Arthur, Guinevere, and Sir Lancelot. Lord, Tennyson wrote his widely famous poem as a social commentary of the industrialized Victorian era and its supposed corruptness versus a time of no industrialization. Alfred Lord, Tennyson uses the power of motifs to describe the immoral…

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  • Future King

    The Meanings Behind The Once and Future King The famous tale of King Arthur was widely known as one of the most iconic stories ever told, and set a standard for modern storytelling. Since the original iteration, there have been many adaptations of King Arthur where authors have created new and unique elements of their own in an attempt to enliven the original story. An example of one such novel is titled The Once and Future King by T.H. White which features several interesting and insightful…

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