Who Is Sir Gawain's Loyalty In King Arthur

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On the other hand, Sir Gawain never once betrayed King Arthur. He was undoubtedly devoted to King Arthur. Sir Gawain was another one of King Arthur’s Knights of the Round Table. There came a night that all the knights were eating in the mess hall at King Arthur’s castle. Then, the Green Knight barged in challenging the king to chop off his head and let him return the favor. Sir Gawain stood up and said he would do it instead. Sir Gawain would rather except the challenge than risk his king dying and their kingdom become kingless. Anyway, Sir Gawain knew that if he cut off this man’s head, then he would not live. Little did Sir Gawain know that the Green Knight’s head would be chopped off, but with some magical entity the Green Knight can place his head back on his body. Now, Sir Gawain is perplexed, but he made a deal and he intended to follow through with it. Sir Gawain was a man of his word.
Furthermore, Sir Gawain traveled through the harsh winters and came to the Green Knight’s castle to receive his end of the bargain. While he was there, he was offered gifts for three days. He returned the gifts to the Green Knight each
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As previously stated, he was the land and the land was him. Whatever happened to King Arthur happened to the land as well. So overall, Sir Percivale not only saved King Arthur, but also saved the land. This was pertinent to his legend, but also to King Arthur’s legend. Where would King Arthur be if Sir Percivale did not find the Holy Grail? Would the kingdom fall into oblivion? Would the king have passed away? Sir Percivale does not get enough credit for what he did as a knight. More importantly, he never betrayed or hurt King Arthur. He had been just as loyal as Sir Gawain and the rest of the Knights at the Round Table. Indeed, he was willing to sacrifice his life day-in-and-day-out to find the Holy Grail for King

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