The Symbolism Of King Arthur In The Works Of Sir Thomas Malory

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Arthur’s tombstone read: “Hic iacet Arthurus, rex quondam rexque futures”, or in modern English, “Here lies Arthur, King once, King to be”. The story of King Arthur was originally written by Geoffrey and then recreated by the French Sir Thomas Malory. The story recounts a tragedy of a king losing his queen and in the end his kingdom. Arthur, a rather prominent figure in the history of legendary Britain is still deemed a symbol of patriotism and heroic deeds for today’s Englishmen, so that the passing of Arthur and his life, if he ever really existed, is equally momentous as depicted in both works of Sir Thomas Malory and Lord Tennyson.
While conceiving King Arthur was initiated by an evil sorcerer, Merlin, Sir Thomas Malory represented King
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The warrior kingdom was one of chaos and a brave Arthur wanted to restore civilization, to bring back justice and peace, to renew the darkness into a golden age. He shaped the legend as we know it with new echoes. Most of the success of the story is attributed to the themes and psychological motifs that have been there for thousands of years. Civilization, first, came to England by the Romans, who passed their beliefs to tribes. Then they returned as conquerors, bringing systems, and building fundamentals of western civilizations (streets, faith, etc’…) and then they were gone, and a legend was born- the one who pulled out that sword.
King Arthur was first of all a warrior. For the building of civilization first came the discipline of battle demanding courage, skill, loyalty and self control, more than that, chivalry. It meant much more than courtly manners. “The knightly growth that fringed [Arthur’s] lips” (line 388 p.298) were the last features to invade his face before death; thus foregrounding the significance of knighthood and its following
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He was accused of being a common criminal, the same man that wrote the great story. We incline to find hard to believe a man with no auspicious record has written a great story such as this. Ensnared in deeds leading to calumny, nevertheless, Malory might have had another side, a man of an admiration to loyalty and endeavor and the disciplines of humanity. Yet still, this world is a place where the un-admirable is more likely to be successful. Lancelot, as well, is a paradox: he is a good man yet his lust led to the fall of the

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