Flashback Techniques In Interview With The Vampire By Anne Rice

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"Interview with the Vampire" is one of the best-seller novels by Anne Rice that published in 1976. It is a thrilling novel, which depicts immortal vampires as the central characters. Anne Rice uses the flashback technique in the novel through which novel’s protagonist, the Vampire named Louis tells the story of his past life to a mortal journalist named Daniel during an interview. Louis wants to make the whole world aware of the existence of evil vampires. The story begins in San Francisco where the vampire, Louis describes the chronicle of the last part of his mortal life following 200 years of his immortal life’s experience after his transformation into a vampire by another vampire named Lestat. This novel can be classified as an erotic novel as it intends to stimulate readers sexually. The technique of feeding of Vampires on human beings, Claudia’s relationship with Louis and the play at Theatre des Vampires represents the erotic nature of novel.

The representation of vampires’ bite on mortals’ neck is intensely susceptible to sexual encouragement. Louis explains Daniel how Lestat transforms him into a Vampire. In the novel, Louis says, “[Lestat] lay down beside me now on the steps,
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The Vampires living in Paris perform their play on the stage in the presence of mortal audiences. Louis tells Daniel about the play and says, “I could see the cloth falling, see the pale, flawless skin pulsing with her heart and the tiny nipples letting the cloth slip precariously” (220). During the play’s performance, vampires are dressed as death that brings a beautiful mortal woman on the stage. They gradually remove her all clothes and kill her while the mortal audiences unconsciously sees this as an act without knowing that they are actually watching a real performance. This play not only mesmerizes the audiences in the novel, also provides seductive temptation to the readers as

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