Compare And Contrast Absolutism

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throughout history absolute monarch use it power to more easily control their territory. although absolutism strengthen a nation absolutism weaken a nation more than strengthen because absolute power corrupted absolutely and wars wage by the monarch puts a heavy burden on the peasant. such example can be seen during the reign of Louis XIV in France ( 1643 - 1715 ) and peter the Great in Russia ( 1682 - 1725 )

when louis xiv taken the throne in 1643 he began to established a solid foothold and prevent anyone being a threat to his throne, he excluded the noble from his council to reduce their power and influence. In return he gave them status which they enjoy and exempted from taxes. all noble of France were invited to lived in
Versailles which
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Both absolute ruler have wanted to expand. Therefore raise army which is made up of peasant. they desire to expand have put heavy burden on the peasant because in France the upper class were exempted from taxes which cause the peasant to taken all the responsibility of taxation. Mean while in Russia all were tax harshly which made the people in Russian develop hatred toward his policy. Both nation under the absolute ruler have been in war for many year and it have only brought modest territory expansion. Another similarity between both absolutism is the building of their capital and palace, like many ruler in the past Louis XIV and Peter the Great ave possess a architecture that display their power and wealth. Louis XIV of France had the capital Versailles and Peter the Great build the beautiful city St.Petersburg. The different policy between the two absolutism is the changes they try to applied to their nation, France try to use mercantilism to increase the nation export and Russia try to westernized their nation to be like those in Europe. France biggest problem during the rule of Louis XIV is financial problem due to all the war the monarch wage. Louis assign Jean-Baptiste Colbert for the job and he shown he was the right man because under his leadership as secretary of financial France was able to be self sufficient and have better communication after the build of …show more content…
Absolutism cause social unrest because of constant taxation for wars, building, and other spending of he monarch, their desire cause hatred and starvation especially to the poor therefore absolutism weaken a

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