Hearing Impairment Research Paper

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Hearing Impairment
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Hearing impairment means loss of all or part of hearing ability due to sound signals not reaching the brain. Loss of hearing may be gradual or sudden depending on the causes. This condition is best described with reference to the affected part of the hearing system. The three basic types are conductive hearing, sensorineural hearing, and mixed hearing loss. Each of these losses has different causes.
Conductive hearing loss happens when sound does is not conducted properly through the outer ear passages to the eardrum and through the ossicles in the middle ear. The resulting effect is a reduced sound level or inability to record faint sounds. Medical or surgical
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The most common ones include inability to identify the source of sound, a tendency to listen to music or watching television with high volumes, regular interruptions to request a speaker to repeat a part of speech, and misunderstanding information.
Prevalence of hearing impairment in the US is estimated using various sources of data collected by National Health Interview Estimating Survey, indicating that a total of 34 million people (17%) exhibit hearing difficulties (Dobie & Hemel, 2005). In the report, the two explain that there are more men with hearing problems than women at 20.8% and 14.1% respectively. They break down the figures to indicate that the condition is more prevalent in older people thanin young people. Of those affected, 8.4% were aged between 18 and 44 yearsof age, 20.6% were between 45 and 64 persent, 34.1% being between 65 and 74 years, and the remaining 50.4% being 75 years and above. Prevalence in children indicates 1.26% in what the authors say is data obtained from NCHS,
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The former works well with people who lose hearing ability when they have already developed language while the latter fits children below language development stage; either born deaf or lost hearing after birth. American Sign Language is a set of sign language structure that has its own syntax and grammar forms.
Usually, people that seek medical intervention for hearing problems lead better lives than those who do not. Improved communication and better performance are notable for people with hearing aids. Overall productivity from treated people increases as they do not strain to hear instructions and implement them. Current statistics from the NIDCD indicate a considerable drop in number of people with hearing impairment with current data showing 15% of American adults from 17% in 2005 (NIDCD, 2015).
Hearing impairment is caused by either biological or physical causes. The condition is either permanent (untreatable) or partial (medically treatable). Research indicates the problem is more common at old age than at young age. Help accorded to affected people depends on the level of impairment. Early detection and treatment can lead to improved life as treated people can communicate and express themselves

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