Obesity Solution Essay

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Obesity is a disease that plagues America’s old and young more than any other country in the world. Despite efforts to resolve this issue from the communities affected, and by local, state, and federal government this epidemic has yet to come to an end. The most common solutions offered to address the obesity epidemic are ones derived from an economic and dietary approach. Although seemingly worthy solution are commonly agreed upon, however pinpointing an incontestable culprit guilty for this monstrosity cannot be so easily done. Over the years the fight against obesity has come at an ever-growing monetary and health care expense. As a result local, state, and federal government officials have stepped in to offer solutions to fight this disease. …show more content…
When it comes to obesity in America, this saying couldn’t hold truer. When trying to figure out who or what is to blame for this epidemic no one can accurately do so. Zinczenko seems to believe that the blame should be placed on the Fast-food giants who spend “$1 billion” each year on advertising (393). Zinczenko also believes that the industry is “vulnerable”, stating that Fast-food companies market to children a product that is proven health hazardous and one having no warning labels (393). Zinczenko believes that if this type of marketing strategy continues there will be “more sick, obese children and more angry, litigious parents” (393). On the contrary, Balko has a different theory on who to blame and why. Balko suggests that “the best way to alleviate the obesity “public Health” crisis is to remove obesity from the realm of public health” (397). Balko continues by suggesting that personal health remains private and should be less of a public matter because it is not of the public’s concern with what one decides to put in his or her body (397). Balko further justifies these statements by saying that “If policymakers want to fight obesity, they’ll halt the creeping socialization of medicine, and move to return individual Americans’ ownership of their own health and well-being back to individual Americans” (397). So it would seem that Balko believes that the only one who should be blamed and responsible for curing obesity is obese individuals

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