Epipen Prices Causing Concern Case Study

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EpiPen Prices Causing Concern for Patients

When having a child or being a patient of a life threatening allergy, you have an option of the “EpiPen” or the “Auvi-Q”. Unlike the Auvi-Q, a lower priced epinephrine auto injector; the EpiPen is a name brand product, made by the company Mylan, that has been known nation wide to help parents treat their children with life threatening allergies. After being dominant in the market for a large amount of time, 1977 the EpiPen is recognizable during an emergency situation for fast injection. Epinephrine in the form of an auto injector allows administration of the medication in under a minute of obtaining the injector. The EpiPen, when prescribed by a doctor comes in a box that contains two auto injectors
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Pharmaceutical companies usually only increase the price of the drug if a competition is found between companies, this is not the case. Some patients do not notice the drastic price increase due to insurance masking the cost. Mylan (EP) is not the only drug that has seen a drastic increase in prices over the past couple of years. After reading several articles it was found that Mylan could only increase the price due to no competition within the pharmaceutical marketplace. Over the past few years the price of the EP has gone up approximately 400% due to competition and increased drug prices. In an article put out by the Clinton Campaign (CC) it was stated that, “Discounts for selected customers without lowering the overall price of EpiPens are insufficient, because the excessive price will likely be passed on through higher insurance premiums.” (Mylan CEO, CNBC.com) The CC is referring to the discount cards that prescribing doctors can give to patients to allow for a zero copay or lower copay per prescription of EP’s. As for myself, having a life threatening allergy and carrying an EpiPen, I have yet to see the drastic increase in prices due to receiving a zero copay card from my prescribing doctor. Mylan didn’t increase the price just due to no competition in the marketplace, but also due to the drug maker of epinephrine. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a large impact/ influence of the prices of drugs per dosage through partner companies. Being the top company in the market that holds the sale of EP is in control of the sales nationwide. There has been an alternative epinephrine auto injector made, that is found to be just as effective on sale for $142.00 at several drug stores. This is available especially for those that can not afford the increased

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