Choice Architect

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I rarely enjoy reading the introduction when I read a book. Most of time I find them dull and full of, well, introductory but when I started reading the introduction of Nudge, I was instantly hooked with the analogy that the authors provided, what will Carolyne do? Which of the 5 possible options presented in the book will she choose? Simply, I was caught up in the story, and who doesn’t like a good story! Regardless of the fact that this is book is all about economics and economical behavior, I found it really easy to follow, understand, and grasp.

In the Introduction the authors presented the term “Choice Architects” and they followed that with a definition that explains their role. Basically, a choice architect is someone who has the responsibility and ability to organize the context that people take to make decision. How those options are represented, in which, in return may or may not steer them towards a specific direction. They design the choices in a way that changes people’s behavior in a more predicted matter without using force or a coerce approach. One of the things that a choice architect has to pay special attention to is paying attention to the details. They should assume that everything matters and every detail, no matter how small, can make a huge difference and have a great impact
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Like in the example of predicting the population of a place, usually the anchor that we start with like the maybe the city we live in can majorly affect and influence our answer or prediction. Your answer will vary depending how large or small your anchor is. If you live in a big city with a big population, your answer would be a much bigger number than if you are living in a smaller city or town where of course your answer will be a much smaller number in

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