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  • Good Grocer

    The Assistant Human Resource Manager of Good Grocers is expected to find legally viable solutions to situations faced by the Produce Manager and Bakery Manager respectively. Situation 1: The produce manager of Good Grocers Inc saw that a woman had slipped and fallen down in the produce section of the store. Her husband complained that she had slipped on a banana peel and they would file a suit against the company. However the manager noticed that the banana peel was still yellow and lying on a rubber mat. The lady was also wearing high heels. In case of personal injury the first step would be to file a report. The manager did notify 911. Also medical help needs to be provided to the injured person. Next one needs to check what evidence has…

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  • Tenderloin Case Study

    Current census data has projected that roughly one-third of the Tenderloin’s 34,000 households earns less than $15,000 a year. More than half of the neighborhood is listed at below 200% of the census poverty threshold. Distrct 6, which includes the Tenderloin, is home to over 40% of the City’s homeless population. The median household income is just over $29,000 per year, compared to the 2013 citywide median income of $75,000 per year. (Esri 2010) The Tenderloin is also an extremely diverse…

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  • Food Deserts Research Paper

    Deserts: Corporate America Smacks Its Way Down” states that subsidies are already in place, but for the wrong people. The money is being given to big box companies like Walmart in exchange that they go into smaller areas (Holt-Gimenez 525). The problem with this is that they take as many jobs as they create. Local business cannot compete with companies of this scale and thus would be put out of business. By funding local businesses, they would be more likely to deal with local farmers, keeping…

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  • The Importance Of Shopping For Shopping

    carefully put the items you purchased into the shopping bag. They really take care of your items, especially if there are glasses. They separate you items into different bags so there will not be any damages to your purchases. The staff will also double bag your items to make sure the bag will not break when you walk out to the parking lot. When you leave the store, another warm goodbye will be there on your way out. Trader Joe’s provides a friendly and cozy environment for its customers with…

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  • Farmers Markets In Food Deserts By Lian Bos Analysis

    Not knowing The most unaware anyone can be is when shopping. The fully stocked shelves that have all types of merchandise in various different shapes and colors can make one get lost in the moment. Coming in for a quick stock up on a favorite can lead two bags of merchandise that one didn’t need when coming through the motion-censored doors. These daily struggles aren’t just happening at departments store, but also at your local grocery store. Seeing that canned corn is on the Buy One get One…

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  • Food Desert Case Study

    The first documented use of the term “Food Desert” comes from a health report published by the nutrition task force based in the United Kingdom in 1999. The health report described a Food Desert as an area of relative exclusion where people experienced physical and economic barriers to accessing healthy food. The physical and economic barriers being families with low income, which generally lacked transportation to and from grocery stores. Generally, the neighborhood grocery migrated follow a…

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  • Reflection On Hunger In America

    Hunger in America is a bigger issue than most Americans like to believe, as Americans we like to think that hunger only exists in other countries. This week I got a better picture of how hunger affects people. Although I did not fully comply with the food stamp challenge, I found out quickly that if I were to be on food stamps my life would challenge drastically. I was lucky enough to have food bank experiences, I went home Sunday and my mother cooked so I had leftovers form that and I can go to…

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  • Food Desert Essay

    Recommendations “Research suggests that neighborhood residents who have better access to supermarkets and limited access to convenient stores tend to have healthier diets and lower levels of obesity” (Larson, Story & Nelson, 2008), in addition to a better overall health. It is imperative that current food deserts and areas that are predicted to become a food desert consider interventions to help the community. To prevent further increase in the already prevalent health disparity, there must be…

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  • The Causes Of Urban Food Deserts

    There is an overwhelming amount of techniques around the U.S., that are focused on affecting the lives of the poors. Throughout history, the actions of the government and private companies have changed and transformed what is society today. These policies were redlining, racial covenants, blockbusting, contract buying, and white flight. The causes of urban food desert were because of the practices used. The racism and discrimination of the past is what made those actions happened. People might…

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  • The Pleasure Of Eating Analysis

    Today, people can eat meats, vegetables, fruits, and different types of food in the world. Food can be created in many ways to give people choices to choose what they like to eat. In the present day, if people need to get food, they will think they have to go to the grocery stores to buy their food. People have to many options to choose what they like to eat; however, people do not know anywhere else without choosing the markets or grocery stores to buy their food. Another factor is people do…

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