Food Desert Essay

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“Research suggests that neighborhood residents who have better access to supermarkets and limited access to convenient stores tend to have healthier diets and lower levels of obesity” (Larson, Story & Nelson, 2008), in addition to a better overall health. It is imperative that current food deserts and areas that are predicted to become a food desert consider interventions to help the community. To prevent further increase in the already prevalent health disparity, there must be change. One success story that is closely examined as a model for how to approach a food desert is a small rural town of West Virginia, that is located in the center of the Appalachian region. This town officially became a food desert when its only grocery store had to close, but the reaction of the town demonstrates
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Through this set up, they are producing what they can locally and those products are being offered for sale, therefore purchases are going back into the local businesses. This is a good example of involving the entire town and ensuring the necessities remain local and individuals can have great access to healthy choices. The next recommendation about how to move in a positive direction and fix food access problems, requires addressing three key areas. “First, economic geographers must return to a serious engagement in crucial evidence-based ‘before/after’ retail interventions” (Donald, 2013), that way current information can be collected and researchers can better pinpoint cause. “Second, current research must not be done in isolation to the context of the rapidly changing global retail environment and the multiple ways people now access their food” (Donald, 2013). It is imperative that alternative food retailers be studied because the use of alternatives is increasing. Examples of alternative retail channels include warehouse clubs, drugstores, dollar stores, e-commerce, etc, which are becoming a trend and more people are choosing to forgo the

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