Global Warming: The Causes And Effects Of The Global Climate Change

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Throughout the years it has been easier to notice how climate has changed. Some summers are not very warm and some winter are not very cold. Even crazier, sometimes spring feels like winter and summer like autumn, and so on. Since the 1800’s humans have had the knowledge that climate changes are possible, and can happen from atmosphere variations as Fourier calculated in 1824, which can lead to the Earth becoming far colder. Additionally, the industrial revolution lead to “coal, railroads, and land clearing”, which lead to increase greenhouse gas emission. According to the Global Climate Change web page, “greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere, which makes the Earth warmer.” The gases that constitute the greenhouse gases are carbon dioxide, which we produce the most, chlorofluorocarbons, which are known as CFCs, and nitrous oxide, which trap “about 298 times more heat than the same amount of carbon dioxide”. All our everyday activities …show more content…
However, must of us are not willing to give up technology, plant more trees, use less electricity, walk long distance or use public transportation. Since we are not willing to give up some activities that lead to global warming, another option is to try to remove the atmosphere (because the atmosphere traps heat through the greenhouse effects), as maybe Joseph Fourier thought in 1824, but wait, that will be a disaster to all living creature on Earth because we would have a bigger problems, such us surface water boiling in the day because of the lack of air pressure. As a result, we would not have the atmosphere to control the heat entering our planet. Also, we would not have protection from the ultra violet radiation, and would have extremely cold nights and warm days, which will make everything on Earth die. We would not be able to survive in that kind of climate, unless we mutate and develop some kind of skin which allow us to withstand those extreme

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