How Do Human Activities Affect Climate Change

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How Human Activities Affect Global Warming Do human activities affect climate change, and as a result create global warming?
Some scientists say no, but the majority of scientists say yes. They say human activities such as deforestation, using hydro-carbons, and burning fossil fuels, cause a lot of carbon dioxide to be released into the atmosphere changing the temperature of the climate, causing global warming. So now which group of scientists is correct? Does human activity affect climate change causing global warming? To understand global warming better, we need to better understand greenhouse effect and greenhouse gases. So, what is the greenhouse effect? Greenhouse Effect is the trapping of the sun’s heat in a planet’s lower atmosphere, due to the transparency of the atmosphere to visible radiation from the sun than to infrared radiation emitted from the surface. Some greenhouse gases that cause global warming are water vapor, ozone, carbon dioxide, and methane. Now that we know what the greenhouse effect is, we can better understand what global warming is. So what is global warming, and what are the causes and effects of global warming? Greenhouse gases, mainly carbon dioxide, in the
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The answer would be yes, human activities cause global warming. Human activities such as deforestation, using hydro-carbons, and burning fossil fuels, lead to global warming. So what is deforestation? Deforestation is the process which trees are cut down to make supplies for humans. When the trees are cut down the destruction of the trees reduces the amount of photosynthesis that takes place. What are hydro-carbons? Hydro-carbons are compounds of gases. When using hydro-carbons they deplete the ozone layer, as well as reducing the photosynthesis process. When burning fossil fuels they release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere causing global

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